Kehua Escorts the Operation of the World's Fastest Subway


On September 28, the Phase I of Guangzhou Metro Line 18 was officially opened to traffic!


Guangzhou Metro Line 18 is currently the fastest subway line in China, with a maximum speed of 176 km/h, which also sets a record for the fastest subway in the world.


Combined with its 10+ years of experience in the field of rail transit and adhering to the full lifecycle product design and service concept, Kehua provides UPS and EPS for the whole line of Guangzhou Metro Line 18. The  equipment guarantees the power supply quality and continuity of the systems including signal, dedicated communication, automatic fare collection, environment and equipment monitoring, fire alarm, emergency lighting etc, therefore, ensures safe travel of the people in the city.


At present, Kehua has provided power protection and system integration solutions for more than 110 metro lines in more than 40 cities across the country. In the future, we will continue to work towards zero emissions and contribute to a more advanced lifecycle operation of rail transits. Furthermore, we will bring the industry experience and excellent solutions to empower the construction of rail transits around the globe.

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