Tencent Cloud Presented Kehua with “2020 Excellent Partner Award”


On January 15, Tencent Cloud presented Kehua with the “2020 Excellent Partner Award (Service Cooperation + IDC Ecology)” at its annual ecological ceremony of the 2021 Tencent Cloud Partner High-level Communication Meeting. Winning the award marks that Kehua has extended its cooperation with Tencent Cloud in the eco-chain field based on its construction and operation services of IDC, and has been highly recognized by cloud computing giants in China.


Tencent once put forward that ecological co-construction is the only choice for the industry to achieve its digital development. Tencent Cloud has been cooperating with its eco-partners to actively explore the road of the industry for digital upgrade.  It is learned that Tencent Cloud has had more than 8,000 partners in its industrial ecology, established an industrial ecological cooperation system integrating the cooperative modes of agency, industry, service and consultation, and jointly created the market revenue of 10 billion RMB.


Facing the challenges brought by the COVID-19 , Tencent Cloud went forward hand in hand with its partners, seized strategic opportunities in new infrastructure, and made many implementing practices and achieved many outstanding outcomes in government affairs, retail, finance, transportation, manufacturing, education, medical care and other fields.


During construction in the new infrastructure, data centers, as the lowest level of infrastructure, are laying the foundation for developing cloud computing. Kehua is a core partner of Tencent Cloud in the data center field. Its data center business can not only support various businesses of Tencent Cloud to develop in a rapid and sustainable way, but also help give full play to value of database, storage, security, artificial intelligence and other products of Tencent Cloud.


In order to meet the personalized needs of Tencent Cloud, Kehua has planned, designed, built and operated three customized data centers for it, namely the Zhangjiakou Tengzhi Cloud Computing Center, Guangzhou Keyun Cloud Computing Center and Qingyuan Guoteng Cloud Computing Center. Adhering to the excellent tradition of building high-quality data centers, Kehua provides better services for Tencent Cloud. Based on the Shanghai Kezhong Cloud Computing Center, Guangdong Deshengyun Cloud Computing Center and Guangzhou Qianshengyun Cloud Computing Center, it cooperated with Tencent Cloud through the flexible resource pool mode, and introduced resources provided by Tencent Cloud, to provide more convenient Tencent Cloud-based services for its customers.


Regarding to the data center construction solution released by Tencent Cloud, Kehua also provides services such as IDC construction and operation, module data center and container data center, aiming to enhance Tencent Cloud's core competitiveness in the cloud computing field.


In the partner conference, Tencent Cloud said that it will continue strengthening its ecological construction, and will invest more resources and cooperate with more professional partners from the layout of ecological products, joint solution creation by the industry, coverage of SME customers, and other dimensions, to achieve a win-win result and the ecological development of the industry. Looking ahead, Kehua is also willing to further deepen the eco-cooperative relationship with Tencent Cloud, and provide better product solutions and services for customers, thus jointly promoting the rapid development of China's digital economy industry.

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