Come of Metro 4.0 in Nanning! Nanning Rail Transit Line #4 and Line #2 East Extension Opened to Trial Operation with the Help of Kehua!


Way to go!

Two Metro lines opened in one day

Come of Metro 4.0 in Nanning!

November 23, 2020

Nanning Rail Transit

Line #4 Phase I Project First Operating Section,

Line #2 East Extension

All Opened to Trial Operation


Starting from here

The operating mileage of Nanning rail transit will be up to 108 kilometers

Four lines have formed a "#" shaped framework of the rail transit network

They are of great significance to relieving the surface traffic congestion in the city

Vigorously developing public transport

Promoting economic and social development

Promoting the image of Nanning

The FR-UK series highly reliable UPS power solutions of Kehua with the mature rectification technology, isolation transformer as standard configuration of output, double DSP full digital control technology and strong power management control system, are mature, safe and reliable; and they can provide power supply assurance to rail transit communication system, signal system, PIS, AFC, FAS, BAS, power monitoring system and comprehensive monitoring system.

As the service provider of intelligent electric energy comprehensive management, Kehua actively engages itself in the construction of Nanning Metro line #2 east extension and line #4 phase I first operating section, provides the professional systems of the project with power supply solutions that are highly reliable in rail transit industry, based on its 32-year R&D and manufacturing experience of electric and electronic technologies as well as over 10 years of application experience in rail transit industry, and also provides strong support to the construction of rail transit infrastructure by virtue of its excellent equipment power protection and system integration strength.

Nanning Rail Transit Line #2 East Extension

Nanning rail transit line #2 east extension project (Yudong Station (excluded) to Tanze Station) is laid mainly along Liangyu Avenue, with full length of 6.3 kilometers, 5 stations, and Pingliang Interchange Station for connection with line #3.

Kehua provides the six major professional systems (dedicated communication system, police communication system, commercial communication system, automatic fare collection system, integrated monitoring system, environment and equipment monitoring system) of Line #2 East Extension Project with power supply solutions that are highly reliable in rail transit industry and consist of over 40 sets of power supply equipment. A centralized management system is also adopted to monitor the dedicated communication power supply equipment of the whole line in a real-time and centralized manner.

Moreover, the centralized power management system is connected with the existing central alarm system of line #2 project through network, so as to output various state information of all power supply equipment and the environment information of computer room to the central monitoring terminal, for easier operation and maintenance.

Nanning Rail Transit Line #4 Phase I First Operating Section

Nanning rail transit line #4 is laid mainly along Nanhong Avenue and Wuxiang Avenue as the east-west trunk line running through Wuxiang New District, with line length of 20.7 kilometers, 19 stations, Dashatian Station for connection with line #2, and Headquarter Base Station for connection with line #3.

Kehua has also engaged in the construction of line #4 to provide dedicated power supply solutions for rain transit, so as to ensure the power supply quality and continuity of all load equipment, ensure the stable operation of all systems, and assure the safe trip of passengers.


At present, Kehua has provided equipment power protection and system integration solutions for more than 100 rail transit lines in over 40 cities across the country, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Nanjing, Wuhan, Harbin, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Xi'an, and Xiamen.


The selection of every rail transit trunk line is supported by Kehua pursuit of excellence in product quality and customer service improvement in the field of rail transit power supply. In future, Kehua will do its best to facilitate the continuous and rapid growth of our urban rail transit with solutions and services of better quality.

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