Focusing on “Intelligence” | Kehua UHP Tower UPS Wins the Market Targetedly


The new generation of KR33 1.2MVA UHP tower UPS, the blockbuster product of Kehua that shocked the industry since its release, has been highly favored by customers and recognized by the market by virtue of its excellent features such as strong reliability and high intelligence.


We observe that today technology is advancing and intelligence is more demanding, the level of intelligent technology of UPS equipment directly or indirectly affects the reliability, economy and maintainability of products, and intelligent technology has become an important part of products’ core competitiveness.


So, today let's learn about the road to intelligent advancement of Kehua “UHP tower UPS”.


Reliability | Stability Being the First Priority

To meet requirements in various complicated use scenarios of UPS, Kehua has upgraded the intelligent starting technology for its UHP tower UPS. By identifying the access at input end and load at output end, the technology automatically realizes slow starting on the rectifier and output voltage sides, to avoid the strong impulse current of the equipment to the input/output side when starting, switching, etc., which greatly ensures the overall stability and reliability of power supply system. With the upgraded technology adopted, moreover, the allocation proportion of backup generators of UPS can be exponentially reduced and the economic investment reduced as well.


Economy | Consumption Reduction Making UPS More Practical


Through the rapid detection and control technology independently developed by Kehua, its original Wise-ECO (W-ECO) intelligent economy mode organically combines product efficiency improvement, harmonic suppression and reactive power compensation. The mode also enables to improve the local power grid environment while enhancing the product efficiency, which greatly reduces the electricity costs.


The KR33 UHP tower UPS can support up to 8 integrated equipment to construct the 9.6MW power guarantee system. Combining with over 20 years of experience in utilizing the UHP UPS system, Kehua has designed an economical use mode for the integrated system - integrated intelligent sleep function. This function is specially developed for UHP integrated system. The integrated system can, with the intelligent sleep function enabled, detect the load change in real time, and automatically make some UPS units of the integrated system sleep through the original load prediction algorithm based on data related to load, which can reduce the running power consumption of the whole system and running costs of customers.


AI⁺ Power Expert | Making O&M More Efficient


AI⁺ Power Expert - It is a system dedicatedly developed by Kehua through deeply integrating AI, IoT and other information technologies based on its 32 years of technical research on core key devices of power electronic converters. The system can intelligently monitor core key devices of Kehua’s megawatt-class high-power power electronic converters, and then warn the health status of equipment in advance, thus achieving the active prevention of equipment.


AI⁺ Power Expert is able to monitor parameters (e.g. voltage, current, temperature and rotating speed) of fans, capacitors, buses and other key devices of UPS online, and calculate the current health status of these devices through the software algorithm attached to health status monitoring function. It can evaluate the health status of key devices of high-power converters online in real time through the online monitoring and big data intelligent analysis technology. Besides, it can also evaluate the health status of devices based on their real-time operating status, and develop reasonable maintenance plan for converters. The system can also timely and effectively prompt and alarm before an accident occurs, and transform the ex-post remedy into prevention in advance, thus helping a large number of customers reduce their time and labor costs in operation and maintenance.


Furthermore, all KR33 UHP tower UPS units have been generally equipped with “black boxes”. When faults occur to the power grid, equipment or load power supply, black boxes will completely record key waveforms of AC input and output ends and DC bus end over several power frequency periods before and after the faults occur, and assist in diagnosing, identifying and quickly repairing faults, which greatly improves the efficiency in tracing, diagnosing and repairing accidents, and significantly reduces the maintenance workload after accidents.



More reliable, more economical and easier to maintain - These are not only major features presented on Kehua’s path for the intelligent upgrade of UHP tower UPS, but also phased achievements made by Kehua through its continuous and painstaking efforts in the UPS field for over 30 years.


In the dynamic evolution of “intelligent” manufacturing in China, KEHUA has always adhered to the concept of self-dependent innovation, and continuously strengthened its competitiveness of core technologies. By relying on its enhanced product technology and platform capabilities in the field of smart power field, the company has actively introduced AI technology to innovate in and refine the power system, aiming to help the industry to develop towards intelligence and contribute more to China’s progress in becoming a scientific and technological power.

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