Highlight Playback! Demystifying the World's First 125kW Power Module Technology from Kehua


A World Premiere, A Difference Maker

On January 11, a live conference on 125kW power module technology demystification was successfully held. Mr. Sun Cheng, UPS product manager of KEHUA, brought a keynote speech on Kehua 125kW Power Module Technology Demystification - AI⁺ Helping Power Security of Large Data Center.

The "New Infrastructure Plan" promotes data center to be advanced towards higher standards, and KEHUA pays close attention to the development of data center industry and continues to invest and innovate in technology research and development. The power module of modular UPS achieved from 20kW in 2010 to 25, 50, 80, 100, 125kW in 2020, a comprehensive coverage of the medium and high power section; the whole machine from a single cabinet 125kW to ultra-high power 1.25MW, breaking the power limit again.

The reliability of high-power UPS in large data centers has always been the focus of industry attention. Kehua’s 125kW UPS power module adopt reliable design solutions for the selection of single device and module structure layout, to the design of the whole machine and the matching with power supply system.

Device Level: Heat Source Control and Balanced Heat Dissipation

1)   New Magnetic Magic Cube Inductor: In terms of heat source control, we adopt a new winding design for the inductor, effectively reducing losses by up to 20% and achieving effective control of heat generation from heat sources.

2)   Adequate margin design for key devices: Abnormal and severe operating conditions during data center operation represents a major challenge to the UPS internal device tolerance. In addition, as we all know, the operating temperature is closely related to the service life of the devices, so we provide sufficient margin for the inductors, IGBTs, diodes and other key devices in the design and selection of devices, which enable them to easily handle various operating conditions and achieve long-term reliable operation.

3)   Fast and balanced heat dissipation: To achieve balanced heat dissipation, we use parallel shunt technology to disperse local hot spots and equalize the heat inside the module; the module adopts a complementary symmetrical design inside to equalize the heat above and below to achieve uniform heat dissipation; the multi-level device layout inside the module forms a three-stage air duct, which can quickly evacuate the device heat; after completing the product design, we verify the rationality of the system, module and component design through SMD(Surface Mount System) 3D fine simulation.

Whole Machine Level: Anti-interference, Highly dustproof, Strong Anti-Aging

1)   EMC experiment: Kehua has the imported 10-meter EMC laboratory with the largest test power in the industry and professional experimental test qualification. We have conducted strict EMC experiments on our products. Through continuous optimization and verification, our products are equipped with extremely strong anti-interference capability, allowing them to be unaffected by complex interference sources in data centers.

2)  Board-level conformal coating: During long-term UPS operation, dust in the surrounding environment may enter the interior of the equipment and affect system performance. In response to this situation, our internal circuit boards all adopt conformal coating, which is uniform and provides no dead angle protection. Adding the automatic dust removal function of the module fan to enhance the dustproof capability of the whole machine, the operational reliability is improved.

3)   Reliability aging test: Our products are subjected to reliability aging test in the ultra-high power aging test platform during the design and production process to complete the reliability test of the whole system, and thus we deliver safe and reliable products to our customers.

System Level: AI⁺ Power Supply System

1)   AI⁺ Power Expert: For the overall power supply system in a data center, the UPS is a critical part. The product applies AI⁺ Power Expert system, which provides a real-time health check of the whole system by monitoring the operating status of several key nodes of the equipment.

2)   Pre-emptive safety hazard elimination: When particular operating conditions such as over-temperature, overload, and battery undervoltage occur during operation, the UPS provides pre-emptive warning, transmits fault information, and adjusts the operating status. The module fan features intelligent speed control, which can automatically adjust the fan speed according to the load situation to achieve self-adaptation to the load, and also automatically dust and temperature adjustment to the interior. Further failures can be effectively suppressed through early warning and fan speed regulation.

3)   Intelligent collective display: For the architecture of multiple parallel machines, there may be physical isolation between devices, which brings inconvenience to the inspection work. The status and parameters of each UPS are inconsistent at different moments, and the parameters recorded by the O&M staff cannot be matched exactly.  In response to the above, the product's intelligent set display function, for multiple UPS in communication mode, allows you to view all the machines in the system working on a single UPS panel, significantly improving inspection reliability.

Kehua's 125kW UPS power module, which is released to the world, represents a new level of modular UPS R&D technology. At present, KEHUA has laid out 7 self-built data centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, with the number of cabinets about 28,000. In the future, KEHUA will continue to innovate and actively explore the application of AI technology in the data center field to contribute to building a reliable cornerstone of IDC in the digital era.

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