Kehua contributes to Shenzhen Metro Line 6 to make an innovation model of "PV + Transportation"


  The Shenzhen Metro Line 6 was formally opened on August 18. Kehua is responsible for construction of the 2.304MWp distributed PV power generation project for it. This project is the first large-scale application of distributed PV in urban rail transit elevated station in China. The total length of the project of Shenzhen Metro Line 6 is approximate 49.4 km. It is the second metro line whose operating speed exceeds 100km/h in Shenzhen. Focusing on the objective of building Shenzhen into a "Modern International Technology New City", Kehua stands ready to work with Shenzhen Metro to make a low-carbon environmental-protection green demonstration line. 

  The distributed PV power generation system in elevated station should consider the technical points such as the safety of PV system, the aesthetics of elevated station and the safety and reliability of power supply system. To this end, Kehua has customized and designed several sets of distributed PV power generation system modules: an anti-loosening high-strength aluminum alloy bracket system to solve the hidden dangers of module installation caused by vibration of trains entering and leaving the station; special cable laying passages to ensure the overall beauty of PV system and elevated station; an anti-backflow "excess power off the grid" PV grid-connected model for guaranteeing the safety and reliability of metro power supply system.

  It is reported that the average annual energy generation reaches approximately 2.34 million kWh after the PV power generation system of Shenzhen Metro Line 6 is connected to the grid, which can meet 30% of the demands of power and lighting electricity of each elevated station. The system is predicted to generate 54.65 million kWh within the 25-year design life, replacing 17925.2 tons of standard coals. The net economic income is estimated to be about RMB 50.47 million yuan. That's how PV power generation, transportation, energy conservation and emission reduction, green commuting and low carbon ecology are efficiently integrated and optimally unified.

  This project is not only an important milestone for Shenzhen Metro to complete the green transportation, but also another breakthrough in the application of the new mode of "PV+transportation" after the 5MW PV project in Yuzhu Depot of Kehua and Guangzhou Metro. In order to construct the urban green transportation and promote the construction of ecological civilization system, Kehua will continue to adhere to and advocate the electricity concepts of "Green, Safety and Intelligence", and use more innovative rail transit solutions and project practices to help customers continue to innovate, transform and upgrade their business, reduce operational energy consumption and carbon emissions, and create a smarter and greener urban experience.

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