Kehua's Leadership in Energy Storage Safety: Contributing to China's First Fire Protection Design Review and Acceptance Standard


Recently, the "Technical Guide for Fire Protection Design Review and Acceptance of Construction Projects in Shandong Province (Electrochemical Energy Storage Power Station)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Technical Guide"), which was co-edited by Xiamen Kehua Digital Energy Tech CO., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "Kehua"), has been released and implemented by the government. This guide is China's first fire protection design review and acceptance standard for electrochemical energy storage.


The Technical Guide have high requirements for enterprises involved in the preparation of the standard, requiring excellent overall qualities in the design and construction of energy storage systems, as well as extensive experience in various applications. The fire protection design review and acceptance of stationary electrochemical energy storage power stations constructed in the form of independent energy storage power stations with a rated power of less than 500kW or a rated energy of less than 500kWh shall refer to the implementation of this guide, and a random checking system shall be implemented for the record.

The Technical Guide compiled by Kehua, Shandong Provincial Department and other industry enterprises after two years and a lot of investigation and research, is a major advance in the standardization of energy storage technology applications.

As a leading energy storage system integrator in the industry, Kehua attaches great importance to energy storage system safety and full life cycle management. To unblock the blockages in all aspects of energy storage safety prevention and control, on November 1, 2023, Kehua took the lead in the industry by releasing the "icon_pdf.gifWhite Paper on Full-Stack High-Safety Control Technology for New Energy Storage Systems.pdf"(click to learn more). From the perspective of the top-level design of an energy storage system, the white paper demonstrates the full-stack high safety control technology from cell selection to battery management, electrical safety, system fire safety, construction safety, and O&M safety, which has become an important model for reference in the industry. 


The idea of full-stack safety control for energy storage put forward by Kehua is in line with the high importance it attaches to energy storage safety. In recent years, Kehua has participated in the preparation of more than ten energy storage standards, contributing to improving the quality of the industry and promoting the development and innovation of global energy storage technology. In the future, Kehua will, as always, consolidate the strength of scientific and technological innovation, join hands with industry colleagues, integrate the leading technical advantages into the construction of industry standards, and contribute to the standardization, health, and sustainable development of the industry.

About Kehua

With 35 years of experience in power conversion technology, Kehua is committed to becoming the world's leading provider of PV and ESS solutions. The company has diversified solutions and rich project experience in photovoltaic, energy storage, micro-grid, wind power, integrated energy services, etc. Its products and solutions are serving in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. For now, Kehua has listed No.5 energy storage inverter supplier globally in shipment terms (S&P Global, formerly IHS Markit 2022) and Top 10 solar inverter brands used in term-loan financed projects (BloombergNEF 2022). Kehua will continue to create clean energy with its R&D strength and devote to let every one in the world enjoy a zero-carbon life safely. 

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