Kehua Tech’s Liquid-cooling Data Center Project Officially Operated in Uruguay


XIAMEN, China, Nov. 27, 2023—Kehua Data Co., Ltd. (Kehua Tech), a professional provider of critical power, renewable energy, cloud infrastructure solutions, announced the its Liquid-cooling Data Center in Uruguay was successfully delivered and officially operated, laying a solid foundation for the expansion of customer's business in South America. Since its release last year, Kehua Tech's Liquid-cooling Data Center has received numerous accolades for its cutting-edge technological capabilities and high returns with low PUE, gaining much attention. This delivery in South America is another benchmark case for Kehua Tech's Liquid-cooling Data Center's overseas journey.



Why choose Kehua Tech's Liquid-cooling Data Center?

Kehua Tech adopts the industry-leading cold plate liquid cooling solution, supplemented by a fresh air system for heat exchange. The liquid-cooling CDU provides cooling liquid circulation for the cold plate directly in contact with the server's heating elements, optimizing the air heat exchange process and saving a significant amount of energy consumption for the cooling system. This achieves an ultra-low PUE, and at the same time, the CPU temperature is lower during normal server operation, resulting in a longer lifespan and ultimately reducing the data center's TCO.


How does Kehua Tech's Liquid-cooling Data Center achieve global application?

The overseas delivery of liquid-cooling micro data center faces challenging issues such as sea transportation and significant climate differences. Kehua Tech's liquid-cooling micro data center have strong anti-salt mist capabilities, with excellent overall design and stress simulation, passing strength and seismic testing, and receiving certification from classification societies, meeting the requirements for full-container maritime transport. The thermal simulation validation was conducted under the most unfavorable conditions, demonstrating the high reliability of the various subsystems and the overall liquid-cooled container in a wide range of parameters.



Kehua Tech's Liquid-cooling Data Center: Integrated | Safe | Efficient | Convenient



Modular overall design and prefabrication in the factory to avoid unforeseen circumstances during on-site installation and save installation time

Safe and Reliable

Water and electricity separation design and excellent group control logic to ensure the safe operation of the system

Efficient Heat Dissipation

Cold plate liquid cooling system + fresh air system achieves high power density heat dissipation, saving approximately three times the space compared to air cooling.

Convenient Transport

Using a container structure, the box body is load-bearing, structurally strong, and designed for IP protection and corrosion resistance, ensuring sturdiness and reliability.


In future cooperation, the client and Kehua Tech will focus on technical breakthroughs in cold plate-type liquid-cooling system design, container thermal environment control, and integrated solution development, aiming to create benchmark products for overseas mining through joint efforts, promoting the widespread use of liquid-cooling technology in the industry.

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