Kehua Illuminates Intersolar South America 2023 with Sustainable PV + ESS Solutions


São Paulo, Brazil - August 29, 2023/-- Kehua Digital Eenrgy, the global leader in smart energy solutions, showcased its full range of solar inverters and energy storage system at the Intersolar South America 2023. In the one of the most significant renewable energy expos in Brazil, Kehua captivated the attention of numerous attendees and industry professionals with its exceptional technology and innovative products.


The booth of Kehua drew a constant stream of visitors who showed a strong interest in the products on display. After engaging in in-depth discussions with Kehua's experts, they couldn't help but praise Kehua's cutting-edge technology and its comprehensive application in various scenarios. The visitors were particularly impressed by Kehua's C&I ESS S³-EStore . They recognized the immense value that Kehua's solutions bring to businesses, ensuring reliable power supply and substantial ROI.


The SPI 7-60K-B X2 series string inverters have quickly gained popularity in Brazil since their release, establishing themselves as star products in the market. There are several key features that have contributed to their success.



The remarkable advantage of the SPI 7-60K-B X2 series is their high power density and compact size design. With a smaller footprint and higher power output, these inverters offer significant cost savings in terms of transportation, storage, and installation. The reduced size and weight of the inverters not only make them easier to handle and install but also contribute to lower overall project costs.


Kehua also showed the SPI350K-B-H string inverter for utility, it is one of the largest string inverters globally, also showcasing Kehua's commitment to sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions.


S³-EStore all-in-one C&I ESS was the center of attention during the event. The S³-EStore offers a comprehensive and reliable solution for C&I customers seeking to optimize their energy usage and reduce their environmental impact. With its powerful integration of PCS, BMS, and EMS, businesses can achieve greater energy independence, cost savings, and sustainability. The compact size of the system, combined with its high power and energy density, makes it an ideal choice for C&I installations where space is limited. Furthermore, the advanced liquid cooling battery system and active fire protection measures demonstrate Kehua's commitment to safety and innovation.


As businesses increasingly seek renewable energy solutions, energy storage has emerged as a key tool for managing energy usage and reducing reliance on the grid. Kehua is at the forefront of developing innovative energy storage solutions to help businesses of all sizes achieve their sustainability goals and reduce their carbon footprint.


At the SmarterE workshop during the exhibition, Connor Lee, the Director of South America at Kehua, was invited to delivery an insightful speech on the latest advancements in energy storage technology. Leveraging his extensive experience in the renewable energy industry, Connor explored the opportunities and challenges that businesses face in this rapidly-evolving sector. 


"We are excited about the future of C&I energy storage and the immense potential for growth and innovation in this sector," Connor stated. Kehua is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of energy storage technology to provide businesses with cutting-edge solutions that enhance their sustainability and environmental impact. 


Intersolar South America 2023 offers a valuable platform to connect with industry peers, share expertise, and forge new partnerships. With the cutting-edge products and comprehensive services, Kehua is confident in the ability to empower businesses and communities to embrace clean energy and achieve the sustainability goals. 


About Kehua


With 35 years of experience in power electronic technology, Kehua has established its leading position around the world. For now, Kehua has ranked No.5 energy storage inverter supplier globally in shipment terms in 2022 (S&P Global, formerly IHS Markit) and TOP 10 solar inverter brands used in term-loan financed projects from BloombergENF. Kehua will continue to create clean energy with its R&D strength and devote to let every one in the world enjoy a zero-carbon life safely. 

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