The First 100MW Liquid Cooling Energy Storage Project in China — Kehua’s Benchmark Application


Overlooking from the sky, a 100MW/200MWh independent shared energy storage power station in Lingwu can be found charging and discharging clean electricity, powering up the development of the magnificent Gobi.

Kehua Digital Energy provided the integrated liquid cooling ESS for the power station — the first 100MW liquid cooling energy storage application in China, as well as an application benchmark in Kehua.


The project (hereinafter “the Ningxia Project”) is located in Ningdong Town, Lingwu City, Ningxia Province, which started construction in September 2022 and was connected to the grid on December 31. The power station is equipped with 63 sets of liquid cooling battery containers (capacity: 3.44MWh/set), 31 sets of energy storage converters (capacity: 3.2MW/set), an energy storage converter (capacity: 1.6MW), a control cubicle system and an energy management system (EMS).

Once the project is put into operation, it will serve as a giant "power bank" and effectively improve power grid's regulation flexibility and new energy accommodation capability in Ningdong.

As an auxiliary peaking and frequency regulation hub, the annual peak-regulation capacity of the project can reach more than 80 million kWh, which is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 100,000 households. 

At the same time, the project can also provide various auxiliary services such as accident backup, black start and demand response support for the power grid. It is an important step in accelerating the application of large-scale energy storage in power peaking and grid connection of renewable energy, and has provided a vital reference for the continuous promotion of new energy storage construction.


The integrated liquid cooling ESS is complicated, rather than an easy-peasy assembly, hence it requires an enterprise to be extremely capable of integration, and demands carefully selected batteries and components, as well as full consideration of safety, O&M, transportation etc.

As a highly reliable PV storage expert, Kehua features multi-level safety guarantee design, optimization and innovation on every part such as energy storage converter, battery cluster and container system. With more than 35 years of solid experience on power electronics and profound understanding of power grid and energy storage, Kehua safeguards the stable and smooth operation throughout the life cycle of the power station.

Through centralized integration and prefabricated non-walk-in battery container system design, Kehua made it possible for the system to operate in higher energy density with smaller land area, more flexible installation, more convenient O&M, more economical result, and effective reduction of LCOE cost.

The advantages of the prefab design are fully reflected in the Ningxia Project. According to its project manager, "We had a tight schedule on the project and the workload was heavy. We were faced with the COVID-19 lockdown during the construction, but our energy storage system was prefabricated, which saved us a lot of work for on-site installation and commissioning, so we were able to deliver the project within the lead time. After the project was completed, we received an appreciation letter from the customer”.


Meanwhile, the nuclear-grade 1500V 3.2MW centralized energy storage converter integration system and the 3.44MWh liquid cooling battery container (IP67) are resistant to harsh environments such as wind, rain, high temperature, high altitude and sand, ensuring a safe, reliable and advanced power station.

In addition, the battery packs of core equipment adopt recirculating liquid cooling technology. Based on technological innovations such as intelligent temperature control, cluster-level management, insulation monitoring, system-level fire protection, the packs have integrated liquid cooling temperature control system, cluster-level management system, multi-measure and control system and third level fire protection, all of which made data sharing available in each operating process and as a result, the power station is more stable and efficient with extended life cycle, improved efficiency and reduced losses.

Kehua S3 liquid cooling energy storage system is highly favored by the market and widely deployed for its high degree of safety, reliability, plus its great cost reduction and increased efficiency.

As a customer-focused company, Kehua will continue to introduce quality energy storage products and solutions through technological innovation and strive to provide a significant tool for the marketization of energy storage and reduce its LCOE.

About Kehua


With 35 years of experience in power electronic technology, Kehua has established its leading position around the world. For now, Kehua has ranked No.5 energy storage inverter supplier globally in shipment terms in 2022 (S&P Global, formerly IHS Markit) and TOP 10 solar inverter brands used in term-loan financed projects from Bloomberg. Kehua will continue to create clean energy with its R&D strength and devote to let every one in the world enjoy a zero-carbon life safely. 

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