Kehua Provides Highly Reliable Data Center Solutions for Leading Car Companies


As the industry-leading provider of high security data center products and services, Kehua provides a full range of solutions such as modular data center and intelligent power security to serve the customers of major leading car companies.

  • BYD


BYD----the global leader in new energy vehicles, with a total market capitalization of over 700 billion yuan and more than 30 industrial parks around the world.

Kehua provides WiseAisle Micro-modular Data Center Solution for Zhongshan BYD data center room. The solution adopts cold channel closure technology to isolate hot and cold channels and reduce heat loss, and adapts full frequency intercolumn air conditioning and high-efficiency integrated UPS products. The completion of the data center room greatly promote the digital transformation of the enterprise.



Geely - now with assets worth more than 510 billion yuan and more than 120,000 employees, has entered the Fortune 500 for consecutive eleven years and is the only Chinese auto group in the top ten of the global auto brand portfolio value ranking.

Kehua cooperates with Geely to provide a full range of products and service solutions in the construction of data centers for automotive enterprises, creating a more secure, reliable, green and intelligent data arithmetic base for Geely.



Hozon has grown rapidly in recent years, laying out its industry in multiple regions and focusing on smart driving technology, core algorithms and AI technology. The rapid expansion of its business has led to an increasing demand for the construction of modern and intelligent data center infrastructure.

Kehua precisely matches the needs of Hozon and builds a comprehensive solution of WiseAisle Modular Data Center Solution for its data center room, including WiseAisle micro module, high-power modular UPS, high-performance maintenance-free lead-acid battery, precision intercolumn air conditioning and intelligent dynamic monitoring and management system. The core data center built with the help of Kehua's quality will meet the back-stage support of key business of Hozon.

Kehua not only serves the leading car companies such as BYD, Geely and Hozon, but has also provided comprehensive data center solutions for large joint venture groups such as FAW-Volkswagen and Dongfeng Honda, helping car companies to realize digital transformation and meet the new wave of digital change.

As one of the pillar industries, the automotive industry represents the overall level of social  manufacturing industry and scientific and technological innovation capability. In the future, Kehua will integrate advanced innovative technologies from all sides to create a more reliable big data arithmetic base, promote the intelligent and digital strategic transformation of automotive enterprises, and help the automotive industry develop with high quality!

About Kehua Tech

Founded in 1988, Kehua Tech is a world-leading intelligent power management expert, with the commitment to provide cutting-edge solutions in critical power. Based on 35 years' R&D and manufacturing experience in power electronics, Kehua Tech ranked No.4 in global modular UPS market share in 2021 (Omdia), and received the 2021 Global UPS Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award (Frost&Sullivan). In the future, we will continue sparing no effort to provide more reliable and sustainable power to the world. 

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