Kehua releases world’s highest power density ESS for C&I at SNEC 2023



May 24, 2023 / Shanghai, China - Kehua, the world-leading smart energy solution supplier, attracts numerous PV and energy storage enterprises and followers all over the world at the 16th SNEC with the global launch of Kehua S³-EStore liquid cooling ESS, the world’s highest power density ESS for C&I. 

S³- EStore liquid cooling energy storage system for C&I


S³- EStore liquid cooling ESS continues the design concept of Kehua S³ series: Safe, Smart and Simple.


Safe: The system adopts multi-level protection design, supporting PACK-level and system-level fire protection. Online insulation monitoring function is also available to safeguard the system.


Smart: Refined thermal management can be easily achieved through intelligent liquid cooling technology. Cluster-level balancing management technology greatly improves the available capacity over the entire life cycle of the battery.


Simple: The whole system covers an area of only 1.3m² with high power density. It supports modular combination to meet the needs of diversified scenarios of C&I projects in the market. 

Solutions on Display

Utility Solutions


The utility solutions on display consisted of the Kehua S³ liquid cooling energy storage system, 3.34MW/5MW modular inverter-booster, one of the world’s highest power string inverter 350kW inverter and intelligent EMS management platform. 


Kehua S³ liquid cooling energy storage system has the safety design of "three-level fire protection + three-level explosion-proof + three-level insulation". It can also effectively reduce operational energy consumption and footprint, enabling the system to be adapted to a wide range of scenarios. 

Released in 2021, Kehua 350kW inverter is one of the world's highest power inverters. At present, its global shipments have exceeded 2GW, with PV power projects in Yunnan and Hainan, already in operation, marking the maturity of Kehua's high-power string inverter technology. 

Zero Carbon C&I Solutions

For C&I applications, Kehua can provide a full set of solutions and services, including C&I PV inverters, energy storage converters, charging piles and intelligent EMS management platforms.


The SPI series C&I inverter, with IP66 + optional C5 protection, can operate stably without worrying about harsh environment. It can also support various modes such as peak-to-valley arbitrage and demand management to achieve multiple profits and guarantee maximum project revenue. 




Zero Carbon Residential Solutions


Kehua's zero carbon residential solution provides users with a safe and reliable system to improve power generation efficiency and achieve better life-cycle cost of power. 


Kehua iStoragE series all-in-one residential ESS adopts a modular design with flexible battery configuration; the integrated design of PV and ESS can realize 100% self-consumption and reduce electricity bills. With its elegant appearance, Kehua iStoragE series has won two of the world's three major industrial design awards: the IDEA Award in 2021 and the IF Design Award in 2022. 

On May 25th, Kehua announced a strategic cooperation with its significant partner RCT Power on the energy storage solutions. Sunny Xu, Vice President of Kehua, expressed her enthusiasm for this partnership, highlighting the importance of energy storage in the transition to a sustainable future and how this collaboration will contribute to achieving this goal.


Kehua will strive to be the top leader in the renewable energy industry and lead the sustainable energy solutions together with all its partners in the future.


About Kehua


With 35 years of experience in power electronic technology, Kehua has established its leading position around the world. For now, Kehua has ranked No.5 energy storage inverter supplier globally in shipment terms in 2021 (S&P Global, formerly IHS Markit) and TOP 10 solar inverter brands used in term-loan financed projects from Bloomberg. Kehua will continue to create clean energy with its R&D strength and devote to let every one in the world enjoy a zero-carbon life safely. 

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