Kehua S Cube Lithium-ion Battery Module Receive UL1973 Certification


Recently, Kehua’s S3 series lithium-ion battery module, were successful awarded UL1973 from UL solution. This certification verifies that Kehua S3 battery module meets the strictest international safety standards, which prove that Kehua’s product has an advanced technology for international market.


For battery system, safety is always the biggest concern. Kehua leverages technological innovation and safety certification to ensure that its lithium-ion systems are highly safe. Obtaining UL1973 proves that Kehua's technical investment and precipitation in battery safety is recognized by the market.


Kehua S3 lithium-ion battery module, adapted to the full range of Kehua Li series UPS solutions, is the safety base of power supply system. For UL 1973, S3 lithium-ion battery module had been deeply examined in comprehensive testing and evaluation in terms of electrical safety, mechanical safety and environmental safety. The achievement of UL1973 certification signifies that S3 lithium battery is well prepared to face the challenges of global market.


About Kehua Tech


Founded in 1988, Kehua Tech is a world-leading intelligent power management expert, with the commitment to provide cutting-edge solutions in critical power. Based on 35 years' R&D and manufacturing experience in power electronics, Kehua Tech ranked No.4 in global modular UPS market share in 2021 (Omdia), and received the 2021 Global UPS Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award (Frost&Sullivan). In the future, we will continue sparing no effort to provide more reliable and sustainable power to the world.

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