Kehua Tech Shines at MEE 2023 with Its Latest UPS and Data Center Solutions


Dubai, UAE, March 7th-9th, 2023----With 35 years of experience in power electronics, Kehua Tech, the world-leading full-scenario solutions expert, presented its industry-leading UPS products and solutions at MEE 2023 in Dubai from March 7th to 9th, following the successful conclusion of the Partnership Event on February 28th, with application scenarios covering medium and micro data centers and industries such as communications, healthcare, education as well as finance, etc. 


During the three-day exhibition, visitors in continuous crowd stopped by the booth and showed their great interests to the Kehua’s excellent products and solutions. Having the in-depth communication with experts from Kehua, they were impressed by Kehua Tech’s cutting-edge technology and full-scenario solutions.


On the exhibition, there is no denying that “MR33+S3 Solution” has been the most attracting part on site. The solution is composed of two parts. The first part is the High Power Density Modular UPS, which adapts special AIO switch design to reduce the footprint by 33% and the weight by 15% effectively. The second part is the S3 Li-ion Battery, whose fully isolated system architecture solves the problem of the barrel effect of Li-ion Battery use while improving the safety and maintainability of it. The combination of the two provides a safe, easy and intelligent solution for data centers, various IT rooms, and special applications with long power backup time, making it a shining star at the booth.

The data center also received great attention at this exhibition. Kehua provided WiseRow Modular Data Center Solution. The solution integrates UPS, batteries, servers and so forth to further improve the return on investment while reducing TCO. The integrated and modular design makes it easy to install, operate and maintain. Additionally, it is suitable for IT room application scenarios including finance, education and healthcare.


For IT systems, Kehua offers the KR-RM Series UPS, which is a rack-mountable UPS with hot-swap battery modules for easy installation, expansion and maintenance. Moreover, the output power factor of KR-RM Series UPS reaches 1.0, which is closer to the application requirements of IT system back-end load for input power distribution which also attracted extensive attention from customers.

As for the Critical Power section, Myria Series UPS became the hot-spot again as the medium power UPS product. Its unique 33/31 standard conversion function can reduce the inventory ratio and O&M costs of customers effectively. It is widely used in finance, education, public service and other industries, as well as the network rooms, power distribution rooms, fire control rooms, CCTV monitoring and other scenarios.


For medical application scenarios, Kehua also showed its KR11T Series UPS. By virtue of full isolation technology and low leakage current, it can meet the index requirements of medical power supply. According to the product demand of different countries, it is compatible with 120/208/230/240 outputs, also with frequency conversion for different frequencies, which can meet the needs of medical loads in different regions.


Kehua showcased its innovative technologies, products and solutions in power electronics, and also demonstrated Kehua’s exploration in industrial layout in providing reliable and sustainable power to customers and partners all over the world. In the future, Kehua will adhere to innovation, bringing more cutting-edge technology and more intelligent solutions to the world.


About Kehua Tech

Founded in 1988, Kehua Tech is a world-leading intelligent power management expert, with the commitment to provide cutting-edge solutions in critical power. Based on 35 years' R&D and manufacturing experience in power electronics, Kehua Tech ranked No.4 in global modular UPS market share in 2021 (Omdia), and received the 2021 Global UPS Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award (Frost&Sullivan). In the future, we will continue sparing no effort to provide more reliable and sustainable power to the world. 

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