Exclusive Overview of PV+ESS Solutions from Kehua at ENEX 2023


March 8th-9th, Kielce, Poland - As one of the global leading suppliers of full application scenario solutions, Kehua has been deeply rooted in the Polish market. With 35 years of experience in the power electronics industry and a strong focus on the Polish market, Kehua made a mark at ENEX, Poland's largest renewable energy exhibition.


During the two-day exhibition, Kehua's booth attracted a lot of interests from visitors. Crowds of visitors stood in front of the Kehua solutions and had discussions with Kehua's technical experts. Most of the guests who came to Kehua's booth were highly impressed by the diversity of Kehua's products and application scenarios. Kehua's PV products cover the power range of 3kW to 6.8MW, energy storage system cover the power range of 3.5kW to 5MW with good adaptability to a broad range of grid modes around the world, allowing every family to enjoy the 0-carbon life created brought by Kehua Tech.

At ENEX, Kehua presented the residential ESS solution, 0-carbon residential and C&I PV solutions and utility-scale solutions.


iStoragE Series: All-in-one Modular Residential ESS Solution

Residential energy storage is a hot trend in the Polish renewable energy industry, not only because of beneficial policies, but also because it is the most affordable and effective way for households to reduce their monthly electricity bills. The iStoragE series is the ideal example of Kehua's insistence on aesthetic design and technology, making the intelligent home energy management system a part of the home's landscape. iStoragE's modular design greatly facilitates transportation and installation, saving around 30% of costs. In addition, the iStoragE system has an off-grid switching time of less than 10 ms, making switching truly senseless.

0-carbon Residential and C&I PV solutions


Since its launch, the X2 series string inverter has become the star product of the market. The reserved energy storage interface, in step with the future PV+ESS trend, enables more flexibility in clean energy management, design and investment for households and C&I use. The high power density design and tiny size significantly reduce the cost of transport, storage and installation. The series is recognized as the inverter with the best return on investment for residential and C&I applications.


Utility-scale Power Plant Solutions

In this exhibition, Kehua displayed its string inverters for utility-scale applications: SPI125K-B X2 and SPI350K-B-H. Kehua engineers have fully taken into account the overall ventilation and heat dissipation, anti-corrosion and dustproof factors. This series is designed with high protection level and can fit into various harsh natural environments, featuring high efficiency, high protection and high reliability.


Over the past few years, Kehua has paid great attention to the importance of the Polish market in our global layout and has continuously increased our investment in the Polish market. Kehua has contributed to the local construction of many PV projects in Poland. In the future, we will keep helping the development of green energy in Poland and the world's carbon neutrality.


About Kehua Tech

Founded in 1988, Kehua Tech is a world-leading renewable energy solutions provider, offering PV inverters and energy storage systems solutions for utilities, C&I and residential applications. By the end of 2021, the PV installations of Kehua Tech has reached 21GW and energy storage installations has reached 2.6GW globally. With 35 years of experience in the renewable energy industry, Kehua Tech's products have served more than 100 countries worldwide. For now, Kehua has ranked the TOP 10 solar inverter brands used in term-loan financed projects from Bloomberg and No.5 world storage inverter supplier from IHS Markit. Kehua will continue to create green energy with R&D strength and devote to let the world enjoy a zero-carbon life safely. 

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