Kehua’s UPS Power Solution Secures the World's Largest Solar Hydrogen Production Project



Project: Sinopec solar hydrogen production demonstration project

Location: Northwest of China

Solution: Kehuas industrial UPS power solution

The environment of solar hydrogen production has flammable and explosive gases, which are highly dangerous. In order to ensure safe operation and efficient production of the plant, constant power supply is the fundamental guarantee.

With 35-year experience in UPS field, Kehua has accumulated technical strength as well as rich experience; also won the customer's favor with its highly reliable industrial-grade power protection solution together with high quality service, so it was honored to participate in this global benchmark project.


Kehua's industrial UPS solution provides highly reliable power guarding for control systems and communication equipment in major areas such as hydrogen production, water supply and fire pumping stations, substation and distribution engineering, central control room, and utility substation. At the same time, it provides emergency power guarantee for the backup lighting load and emergency pumps of the central control room and utility substations to ensure the stable operation of the equipment under emergency conditions.


As a world-leading intelligent power solution provider, Kehua will continue to provide highly reliable industrial-grade power protection solutions, consolidating the leading position in the UPS petrochemical market. With safe, intelligent, and low-carbon power solutions, Kehua will provide customers with power security as well as facilitate the digital and low-carbon transformation of industry.

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