Kehua iStoragE series receive UL9540A certification in North America


Recently, Kehua's iStoragE2A, the all-in-one modular residential ESS, was successfully awarded UL9540, UL9540A, UL1973, UL1741 and UL1998 certificates from Intertek, an international authoritative certification institution. According to Intertek, the iStoragE2A residential energy storage system has a good performance in the thermal runaway propagation test, marking the product's full compliance with the highest international fire protection and safety requirements, which prove that Kehua's PV+ESS solution has an advanced technology for international market.


For residental products, safety is a major concern for users. Kehua has always been customer-oriented. Therefore, Kehuas engineers paid full attention on the application of fire extinguishing design. Obtaining UL9540A and other certifications proves that Kehua's technical investment and precipitation in battery safety is recognized by the market. 

The iStoragE2A family of products, which includes lithium battery modules, energy storage inverters and energy storage systems, has passed a series of rigorous tests and get a series of certificates. For UL1741, UL1973, UL9540 and UL9540A certification tests, iStoragE2A had been deeply examined in various aspects, such as safety specification, system design and thermal runaway propagation. It is proven that the iStoragE2A can satisfied for multiple applications, meeting the safety needs of different users. The achievement of certifications signifies that iStoragE2A is well prepared to face the challenges of the North American market.

With the experience of 35-year development in power electronics, Kehua's solutions have been recognized by international certification institution and the market for its excellent performance. In the future, Kehua will continue to provide high-quality solutions for full scenarios application and help the energy transition for the world. 

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