Kehua Tech provides ESS solution for the largest BESS project in Brazil



Good news! The 33.5MW/67MWh large-scale energy storage project, which is also the largest battery storage project in Brazil, with PCS integrated solution provided by Kehua Tech, has been officially put into operation. The project covers a total area of about 2,000 square meters, with a total investment of about USD 27 million

With the integrated design of "converter" and "step-up", Kehua’s 1500Vdc PCS & transformer turnkey system, realizes the integrated delivery, greatly saving the cost of transportation and installation. The BESS of the project would be discharged during peak demand periods to support the electricity network, increasing the security and reliability of the service. A press release indicated the system has a two-hour discharge generation, making its capacity 60MWh.


The project will further optimize the local industrial structure, enhance the local power grid system peak and frequency regulation capability, and ensure the maximum electricity demand of about 400MW on the south coast of Sao Paulo, Brazil, which is expected to benefit 2 million people.



As a full-scenario solution provider in renewable energy industry with 34 years of experience, relying on the intelligent production system and stable supply chain, Kehua has already brought its profound power electronics technology and application experience to more than 100 countries and regions in the world, and was ranked as the No.5 energy storage inverter supplier globally in shipment terms in 2021 (S&P Global, formerly iHS markit). In the future, Kehua will continue to provide reliable and innovative PV+ESS solutions, and is committed to let everyone in the world enjoy low-carbon and green life safely.

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