Power up! Kehua and Soltec publicize residential ESS at showcase event in Warsaw



Warsaw, Poland, December 7, 2022 - Over the past year, Kehua has been recognized for its outstanding performance in the Polish market as a world-leading expert who is a full-scenario solutions provider in renewable energy industry. Over 100 guests from Polish renewable energy industry gathered at the iStoragE showcase event co-hosted by Kehua and its long-term partner Soltec, one of the biggest suppliers of photovoltaic installation components in Poland. At this event, Kehua officially introduced its newly-lauched iStoragE series all-in-one modular residential ESS to Polish market.

To provide Polish customers with full life cycle service, Kehua has established a Polish team including sales, technical and marketing personnel when it made a strategic placement in the Polish market back in 2020. Krzyszrof, Product Director of Soltec, shared with the guests the prospects of the Polish energy market and said, "Polish government's new policy to encourage the development of ESS makes us even more excited about the development of the iStoragE in the Polish market. The renewable energy market in Poland has great potential and it is also challenging for us. Kehua has always provided us with reliable products and timely service and we believe that our union will bring a better experience to our customers." 


The iStoragE series, the all-in-one modular residential ESS developed by Kehua, the typical PV+ESS solution for every home, were attracting everyone's attention and widely discussed at the event. Boyce Lee, Kehuas technical expert, explained four main features of iStoragE: Simple, Safe, Smart, Independent. He mentioned that PV industry is developing rapidly, and the well-spring growth of the energy storage industry, as an indispensable support point for future energy solutions, is already evident. Kehua SPI-B X2 series PV inverters have a forward-looking design, reserving interface with ESS, to cope with the future demand for energy storage system from our PV solution users.


Kehua's 34-year full understanding of electricity in multi-scenarios and technical accumulation in power electronic industry helps iStoragE perfectly fit to residential application. It can increase the self-generation rate and increase the ROI while ensuring the safety of electricity consumption in every home. With modular design, iStoragE allows the free combination of standardized batteries, saving 50% cost in storage, transportation and installation; it also allows mixed use of old and new batteries, making it easier for users and installers to make decisions on capacity expansion. Kehua also attaches great importance to user experience. The iStoragE is highly popular among home users for its elegant appearance and low noise operation.


The iStoragE has been well received by the market upon its release in August 2022, and has already won over 400MWh of orders in just three months after its release. Confronted with global energy shortage and sustainable development trend, iStoragE is undoubtedly an excellent answer from Kehua for household electricity. Kehua will continue to devoted into Polish market to provide more comprehensive and efficient services to customers, which is its response to the trust of customers and determination on a long-term development in the Polish market. 

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