Are You Ready for “Double 11” Shopping Festival? Kehua Says: YES


Double 11 is now one of the biggest online shopping festivals in the world, similar as Black Friday in the USA and the Boxing Day and January sales in the UK. On November 11, 2021, the GMV of Tmall reached to 540.3 billion yuan (about 74.56 billion dollars) and the GMV of JD is 311.4 billion yuan (about 42.97 billion dollars) with 828 million on-site people.


At 00:00, the first moment of November 11, hundred millions of people attend the shopping APP and start “seckillings”, which means millions of users request suddenly flood in, the surge of web page hits may cause the server system to run at full capacity. In such a large binge, Kehua is always providing the stable power protection solution for data center and E-commerce, ensures every on-line second for the shopping party.



Foolproof power solution for your Data Center: Kehua MR33 Modular UPS + S³ lithium-ion battery system.


• Full Range Power Protection-Kehua's MR33 Modular Power Solution

MR33 modular solution provides UPS power supply of up to 1.2MW in a single rack, with stable and reliable performance. At the same time, the transient load on the power grid increases and there is a risk of power loss on the grid. MR33 modular UPS actively switch to battery mode by 0ms to keep the power uninterrupted.


• Kehua's Star Product-S3 lithium-ion battery System

Combined with the new S³ lithium-ion battery system of Kehua, it provides a complete backup time solution for the data center with no worries.


With more than 30 years of R&D and manufacturing experience in the field of power electronics, Kehua ranked No.4 in world modular UPS market share 2022 (Omdia), and received the 2021 Global UPS Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award (Frost&Sullivan). As a leader in smart power industry, Kehua is well-positioned to provide highly reliable power supply solutions for our partners including Tmall, JD, Tencent, Mastercard, etc.

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