Kehua Tech Ranked as the No.5 Energy Storage Inverter Suppliers Globally in 2021


Xiamen, China, October 26th, 2022 — International authoritative research institution IHS Markit (now a part of S&P Global) announced the top 10 energy storage inverter suppliers in 2021. Kehua Tech, with remarkable energy storage inverter shipments, becomes the No.5 energy storage inverter supplier globally. This ranking is a testament to the rapid growth of Kehua Tech's presence in the energy storage inverter market and affirms its achievements in the renewable energy industry. 


Despite labor shortages and supply chain issues associated with COVID-19 in the global marketplace, Kehua Tech never lets difficulties and challenges stop its commitment to global sustainable development. The company has 200,000m2 manufacturing area of 4 manufacturing bases, over 4000 employees and 40GW annual solar production capacity. With the remarkable production capacity, the company continues the implementation of its overseas projects, ensuring the uninterrupted growth of revenue from the projects while contributing significantly to the rise of the company's ranking on the list. 


The current global new round of energy revolution is being promoted, the business model of energy storage application scenarios is gradually maturing, and energy storage will become one of the key influencing factors of global energy transformation. In response to this development trend, Kehua attaches great importance to the energy storage market and advances its strategic layout, aiming to grasp the growth opportunities and will continue to escort the global energy transition.


In recent years, Kehua has been forging ahead in the field of energy storage, providing all-scenario ESS solutions, including residential ESS, C&I ESS and large-scale power plant solutions,  leaving its excellent reputation all over the world.


China's first black start project of 9E gas units assisted by Kehua ESS


720MWh power plant project in Gansu, China

As the energy storage market rises rapidly, Kehua has also made its response to the fast-growing residential energy storage needs. iStoragE series all-in-one residential ESS launched by Kehua in August this year has harvested over 20,000 sets of supply agreements with a total of 390MWh in less than three months after its release. 


"PV+ESS for the future." This is the concept proposed by Kehua Tech for the renewable energy segment, expressing the company's determination to make PV and energy storage integrated solutions its long-term main business and thus help the world's sustainable development. This honor is a recognition of the past work, and in the future, Kehua Tech will continue to provide safe and reliable renewable energy solutions and devote to building a greener world together with global users. 


About Kehua Tech

Founded in 1988, Kehua Tech is a world-leading renewable energy solutions provider, offering PV inverters and energy storage systems solutions for utilities, C&I and residential applications. Up to now, Kehua Tech has 21GW of PV installations and 2.6GW of energy storage installations globally. With 34 years of experience in the renewable energy industry, Kehua Tech's products have served more than 100 countries worldwide. For now, Kehua has received the TOP 10 solar inverter brands used in term-loan financed projects from Bloomberg and No.5 world storage inverter supplier from IHS Markit. Kehua will continue to create green energy with R&D strength and devote to let the world enjoy a zero-carbon life safely. 

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