Kehua Helps Yulong Island to Build a World-class High-end Petrochemical Industry Base


Project name: Petrochemical Industry Project in Yulong Island


Location: Yulong Island in Yantai City, Shandong Province of China

Solution: FR-UK Series and EPS 

With sea breeze blowing, the reflection of the morning glow undulating on the sea, the morning light is sprinkled on the artificial islands of Yulong in Shandong Province. The sound of waves, accompanied by the roar of machines, awakened the island.

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On the Yulong Island of the Yantai City, Shandong Province, a 10 million tons refining and chemical integration project is being set up. A 100-meter concrete chimney, a 1,700-cubic meter SS-01 reactor raft, an upward protective reactor weighing 1,430 tons... These huge boulders are like pieces of Lego piecing together a super factory on this deserted island.

Shandong Province, known as "the land of Qilu and the hometown of Confucius and Mencius", is also a major refining province in China, and enjoys the reputation of "the third largest refining center in the world". The 40 million ton/year Yulong Island Refining and Chemical Integration Project has a total investment of about 127.4 billion yuan, with a starting area of 35.23 square kilometers, which is equivalent to more than 4000 football fields. It is a landmark project for Shandong Province to implement the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, and also the largest single project. It has been included in the national planning major productivity layout project. The project aims to provide the largest amount of chemical raw materials with high added value and give consideration to the quality of oil products to build a world-class high-end petrochemical industry base.

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The petrochemical industry has high requirements for the continuity of process production of chemical plants. Major accidents caused by power safety issues such as power supply interruption and electrical fire will cause personal injury, economic loss and environmental pollution. In order to ensure the safety of the production process, it is necessary to ensure the high reliability of its power supply.

As a world-class high-end petrochemical industry base, the Yulong Island Refining and Chemical Integration Project takes safety production as the top priority. The core devices such as oil refining, chemical industry, public works, wharf storage and transportation are the key to the whole "super factory". Kehua provides FR-UK Series UPS and EPS for its DCS, communication, instrument and other systems. For emergency lighting, critical valves, pump loads and other equipment, Kehua provides industrial power protection solutions to ensure stable operation of equipment in emergency situations. In addition to the core device and emergency equipment, Kehua’s industrial DC screen power supply also provides escort for the medium and high voltage switchgear switching and communication power supply of power stations/regional substations.

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Adhering to the product design concept of high safety, reliability and intelligent operation and maintenance, and inheriting the nuclear DNA, Kehua has built a solid power security guarantee for the "super factory" with high-quality industrial power protection overall solutions. Industrial UPS power supply, DC panel power supply and other "combined punch" play a "combination punch" to guard the safety and continuity of production layer by layer.

As the world's outstanding intelligent power solutions provider, Kehua, based on electronic and electronic core technology, with more than 30 years of rich industry experience and core R&D and manufacturing strength, has assisted the world's largest Zhejiang Petrochemical refining and chemical integration project under construction (40 million tons/year), the world's largest PTA base Hengli Petrochemical refining and chemical integration project (20 million tons/year), the world's largest MDI enterprise Wanhua Chemical Group, the national "One Belt and One Road" strategy Hengyi Brunei PMB project and other world-class "super factories". The service covers the leading customers of Ford, Amazon, Tencent, Alibaba and so on.

According to the data reported by CCID, an authoritative organization, Kehua ranks No.1 in the domestic UPS petrochemical market, and its highly reliable intelligent power solutions have served more than 150 ultra-large petroleum refining and chemical, coal chemical industry, fine chemical industry and other enterprises, becoming the preferred brand of UPS uninterruptible power users.

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