Kehua Tech Hits RE+ 2022 with its Latest PV+ESS SolutionsKehua Tech Hits RE+ 2022 with its Latest PV+ESS Solutions


Anaheim, U.S., Sep. 22nd, 2022 - The largest renewable energy exhibition in North America, RE+, was opened at Anaheim Convention Center in California on September 20th, 2022. RE+ exhibition is a collection of three exhibitions: SPI (solar power international), ESI (energy storage international) and Smart Energy Week. Kehua Tech, a world-leading PV and ESS solution expert, took stunning part in RE+ with iStoragE series residential ESS and many other products. 


During the 3-day exhibition, numerous visitors stopped by the Kehua Techs booth and communicate with experts on product technology, industry trends and cooperation intention. 


"RE+ gathers many excellent PV and ESS players together, presenting plenty of impressive products and solutions. As a senior industry expert, Kehua Tech is glad to see such a market pattern and development trend. We always believe that renewable energy is an industry with a great potential future, and we are always committed to let everyone enjoy the green life brought by technology. " Ms. Sunny Xu, Vice President of Kehua Tech, said at RE+.


[ Being PV+ESS expert, being ESS explorer first ]


The global energy storage industry has entered into a high-speed development track in the past two years, however, Kehua Tech has been well prepared for it. According to the IHS Markit, in the past two years, Kehua has been ranked among the Top 5 energy storage inverter suppliers. The ESS solutions brought to the U.S. market this time include newly-launched all-in-one residential ESS, industrial and commercial energy storage solutions and large scale power plant solutions.


Newly-launched in August, iStoragE series was undoubtedly the favorite at the booth. Adhering to the S3 design concept of Safe, Simple and Smart, iStoragE series adopts larger multiplier LFP cells, modular design, intelligent monitoring and independent charging & discharging management. It is known as the guardian of home energy management.

ü Safe: The battery uses large multiplier LFP cells. Therefore, less battery cells and larger capacity lead to greater reliability. The internal physical and electrical isolation of the battery module minimizes the probability of battery safety accidents, and the built-in fire module has thermal runaway protection, which can effectively prevent the spread of accidents.

ü Simple: For easy installation, each part of the ESS has modular design with standardized fittings and plug-and-play connectors. For scalable flexibility, it supports automatic on/off-grid switching of the whole system for different scenario needs.

ü Smart: The smart management system of iStoragE enables battery module monitoring and individual charge and discharge management, allowing old&new batteries combination and non-destructive expansion. As a result, it effectively reduces the impact of the barrel effect, and increases the available battery capacity by up to 10%.


In addition to ESS solutions, Kehua Tech showcased BCS125K-B-HM, DC/DC converter SPT175/200 and 1500V energy storage container turnkey solutions for C&I and large scale power plant ESS application scenarios at RE+2022, among which, the energy storage converter SPT175/200 with its multi-channel staggered parallel connection and advanced magnetic integration design, intelligent air cooling system, and lightweight size, becomes the best utilization optimizer tool for medium and large energy storage batteries.


For Re+2022, Kehua also brought PV inverter solutions including SPI60K-BHV, SPI350K-B-H, which received high recognition from customers in U.S. market, from product quality and technology to rich experience accumulated in application scenarios. 


About Kehua Tech

As a senior expert in renewable energy industry worldwide, Kehua has been a problem solver and innovator since 1988, with excellent supply chain management, lean production and reliable customer service. Currently, Kehua Tech has been ranked in Top 5 Energy Storage Inverter Supplier in 2021 by IHS Markit and Top 10 Solar Inverter Brands used in Term-loan Financed Projects by Bloomberg. Kehua Tech will continue to create green energy with its R&D strength and is committed to let the world enjoy zero-carbon life safely. 

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