Kehua Tech’s Intelligent Power Solutions Took the Spotlight at EPI 2022


Jakarta, Indonesia, Sep. 17, 2022 Kehua Tech, a world-leading comprehensive power management expert experienced at UPS, data center, renewable energy, took the spotlight at Electric Power Indonesia(EPI) 2022 with its advanced intelligent power solutions.   


With growing market demand, the importance of power management is evident, therefore, Kehua Tech attaches great importance to the potential of Indonesia market, and has set up a professional service team in Indonesia to provide customers with the latest power products as well as the most reliable service guarantee.


Yao Shen, regional manager at Kehua Tech, mentioned, "EPI 2022 is very fruitful and many customers are looking forward to further communication with our local team. I am proud that Kehua Tech has such recognition in Indonesia.”


Kehua Indonesia team made a stunning appearance with the latest UPS and data center products. During the 4-day exhibition, numerous customers were showing their great interest in Kehua's power management solutions. Excitingly, the company has collected hundreds of customer business cards and reached agreements and intentions with many customers at EPI 2022. 


People’s attention were drawn to its new innovation S3 lithium-ion battery power solution. Featuring Safe, Smart and Simple (S3), it adopts modular parallel design, with user-friendly operation and maintenance. The electrical & physical dual isolation design ensures no expansion of the fault range. It is suitable for all series of Kehuas UPS, covering from 6kW to 1200kW.


The company showcased its advanced UPS at EPI 2022 as well.

Myria Series UPS (10-40kW, 60-200kW)

Myria series is impressive for its excellent performance in efficiency, energy savings, grid adaptability and safety protection.

Myria 10-40kw UPS has a efficiency up to 96%, you can save the cost of an iPhone 14 from your annual electricity bill.” Said Rudie Ho, sales manager at Kehua's Indonesia local team. It is also worth mentioning that 3:3, 3:1 and 1:1 phase of Myria series can be easily modified by the user for different scenarios.

Myria 60-200kW UPS enables smooth transfer of power from battery mode to double conversion and reduces the impact on the input grid with a generator rating ratio <1:1.


MR33 Series Modular UPS + the world's first 125kW high power density UPS module

MR33 series UPS adopts redundancy design from components to the whole machine, featuring high efficiency, high power density, easy expansion, and small occupied area, providing reliable, stable and pure green power for loads.

The world's first 125kW high power density UPS module, developed by Kehua Tech, with controllable heat source, balanced heat dissipation, 3U high density design, anti-interference, perfectly compatible with MR33 series modular UPS. 


KR 11 Plus Series UPS

With a minimum footprint of 0.05m2, KR 11 Plus Series UPS can reduce transportation costs and installation difficulties; with an efficiency of up to 95%, it can save energy and reduce carbon emission; with coated surface, it can greatly reduce water/dust/corrosion on the PCB board. 


KR-RM Series UPS (1-3k)

KR-RM Series has hot-swappable function to save operation and maintenance costs, and there are two optional placement methods, Rack and Mount, to suit different scenarios.


KR1110-T UPS

The strong shock resistance of the built-in isolation transformer enables KR1110-T to provide stable output power. Its suitable for high and low voltage scenarios with output voltage 120/208/220/230/240.


Another popular star product at the booth was the data center products, including WiseAisle and WiseRow modular data center solutions. Wise Series modular data is built in the form of building blocks, with AI+ energy management system, making the data center with fast expansion, intelligent management, low carbon and energy saving characteristics. Wise Series design integrates power supply and distribution, cooling, cabinets, cold aisle closure and monitoring system, which can install servers, KVM, routers, switches and other IT equipment in the cabinets Wise Series is designed to provide customers with a new generation of data center infrastructure products that are high density, integrated, intelligent and low carbon.


Kehua tech has been developing and operating data centers for 10 years, owns 8 self-built data centers around the world and is ranked No.1 in Chinese MDC market in the field of finance in 2021(CCID Consulting).



With 34 years of R&D and manufacturing experience in power electronics, Kehua Tech ranked No.5 in world modular UPS market share 2021 (Omdia), No.7 in world UPS hardware supplier 2020 (Omdia), and received the 2021 Global UPS Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award (Frost&Sullivan). As a global leading intelligent power solution provider, Kehua Tech is well-positioned to provide highly reliable solutions for users in various industries such as finance, transportation, nuclear power, government, medical, education, new energy and data center.


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