Kehua Tech AI+ Intelligent Energy Expert System is Empowered for IDC Energy Management


For more than 10 years, Kehua has constructed seven self-built data centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities, with more than 28,000 cabinets.

As an active participant in the IDC industry, Kehua keeps up with the development trend of data center energy saving, and is committed to using AI technology to improve the energy efficiency of data center and promote the development of green data center.

With more than 1440 data cabinets running online in a data center in North China as the applied research object, KEHUA Research Institute carries out research on smart Energy management and Energy conservation projects based on big data analysis and AI technology, and creates AI+ Intelligent Energy Expert system (AI+ EE, AI+ Energy Expert).

The all-new generation AI+ intelligent energy expert system of Kehua data center applies the AI deep learning algorithm in the data center. Through modeling, collection, experiment, training and strategy formulation, the best energy efficiency points in each refrigeration link are automatically searched to promote energy conservation and efficiency improvement in large data centers.

- Establish a mathematical model of a typical data center PUE system.

Intelligent analysis and modeling are conducted on the data center's real-time power load level, cabinet channel temperature field, natural environment temperature data, precision air conditioning parameters, chiller and water pump parameters and other massive operation big data.

- Introduce AI intelligent algorithm to optimize wisdom for PUE.

Through AI real-time optimization, the group control strategy of precision air conditioning temperature in large data center machine room, optimal control strategy of refrigeration system such as water chiller and water pump, etc., can be obtained to realize intelligent operation with optimal overall energy consumption of the data center.

Field tests show that under the same working conditions, the AI+ intelligent energy expert system in the data center of Kehua can reduce the refrigeration energy consumption by 8-10%, and the PUE value can be significantly improved to realize effective energy saving in the data center.

In addition to Energy saving control, Kehua AI+ EE also carries out effective security strategy control for data center operation, ensuring high reliable security guarantee for refrigeration system under Energy saving operation conditions.

Conclusion: In the era of digital economy, the technological change around data center has been, is and will continue to happen in the past.

Kehua will continue to innovate, actively explore the application of AI technology in the field of data center, always strive to upgrade the green engine of data center development, build a solid base of green data center, and escort the booming development of China IDC industry.

About Kehua:

Kehua is China's leading power electronic technology solutions provider and the industry's leading high security cloud based service providers, with 32 years of dedicated research and development of power electronic technology and manufacturing, to provide customers from the data center consulting planning, product solutions, integrated management, engineering construction, operations management, IDC operation to the value-added service of the whole service life cycle.

With more than 10 years of experience in data center construction and operation, Kehua has built 7 big data centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and surrounding cities.

It operates more than 20 data centers in more than 10 cities nationwide, with about 28,000 cabinets and a total construction area of more than 230,000 square meters, forming a cluster of four data centers in North China, East China, South China and southwest China.

According to a report by CCW, an authoritative ICT research and information agency, Kehua ranked first in the overall market share in China's micro-module data center market and UPS market share in 2019.

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