With 30MW PV+Agriculture Solution, Kehua Helps Economic and Ecological Double Harvest


As more and more PV projects came up, PV and agriculture are gradually finding more and better combination points. On a field of medicine in Houniniu Village, Shandong Province, photovoltaic and herbs have become "close friends".


This is a 30MW PV+Agricultural hybrid project in Wanghu Town, Wulian County. It is a typical PV+Agriculture power station. Traditional Chinese herb are planted under the board, while power generation is generated on the board. It realizes multiple uses in one place and greatly increases the efficiency of land resource utilization. 



Project: 30MW PV+Agricultural hybrid project in Wanghu Town, Wulian County

Location: Houniniu Village, Wanghu Town, Wulian County, Rizhao City, Shandong Province

Project Scale: 30MW

Energy Storage Scale: 3MW/6MWh

Grid Connection Date: December 12, 2021

30MW PV+Agricultural hybrid project, located in Wanghu Town, Wulian County, Rizhao City, Shandong Province, officially started construction in July 2020, took more than a year, and was successfully connected to the grid on December 12, 2021. Kehua configured 10% 2 hours, i.e. 3MW/6MWh energy storage system solution for the project.


After the completion of the project, the average annual electricity revenue reaches 15,5126 million yuan. The project can save 15,700 tons of standard coal, reduce 0,12 million tons of sulfur dioxide, 0,06 million tons of nitrogen oxides, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 39,200 tons, and reduce 10,700 tons of carbon dust.

The project manager of Kehua said, "We have carried out more than ten PV supporting energy storage projects in Shandong, and we know a lot about the local energy storage configuration requirements and grid connection regulations. We have the strength to help our customers' PV projects to be connected to the grid quickly. The solution we configured for this project has a high degree of system integration, using a 3MW energy storage unit with safety and stability and high integration."

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