Kehua Shines in Hannover Messe 2022 with Superior Critical Power Products


On May 30, Hannover Messe 2022 opened in Germany. The exhibition started from 1947, is the leading industrial technology exhibition, and a platform for showcasing advanced applications and releasing the latest cutting-edge technology and R&D achievements.


During this period, S3  Lithium-ion Battery System Solution, one of the latest products of Kehua, shingly exhibited at the booth, which attracted many visitors attention and raised their interest. Kehua UPS experts introduced all the products and answered the visitors’ queries with professional knowledge and full enthusiasm. 


Quick View of Exhibited Products

lS3  Lithium-ion Battery System Solution


S3  Lithium-ion Battery System Solution+125kW Module, featuring Safe, Smart and Simple, adopts modular parallel design, which is safe, reliable, flexible and intelligent, with minimal operation and maintenance, while the electrical & physical dual isolation design allows for no expansion of the fault range. It is suitable for all series of Kehua UPS, covering from 6kW to 1200kW. Moreover, it can intelligently equalize the current and can be used with new and old batteries, as well as with lithium batteries from different suppliers.


lMyria Series UPS (10-40kW, 60-200kW)


Myria series were developed by Kehua with advanced technology and flexible design. It not only has higher grid adaptability and safety protection, but also can be easily modified, which can adapt to many different scenarios.

With high efficiency (up to 96%) and strong energy saving, Kehua Myria Series can save users the cost of 1 iphone13 on their annual electricity bill. 


lMR33 Series Modular UPS + the world's first 125kW high-power density UPS module


Kehua MR33 series 3-in 3-out UPS, adopts advanced 3-level inverter technology and reliable redundancy design from components to the whole machine. It has the advantages of high efficiency, high power density, easy expansion, capacity expansion as required and small occupied area, and provides reliable, stable and pure green power for loads. 

The world's first 125kW high-power density UPS module, developed by Kehua, features controlled heat source and balanced heat dissipation, 3U high density design, anti-interference and high dust resistance, which perfectly compatible with MR33 Series modular UPS. 


lKR 11 Plus Series UPS


With a minimum footprint of 0.05m2, KR 11 Plus Series UPS can reduce transportation costs and installation difficulties; with an efficiency of up to 95%, it can save energy and reduce carbon emission; and its PCB board is coated to greatly reduce water/dust/corrosion on the PCB board, reduce particles and salt spray.


lKR-RM Series UPS (1-3k)


Different from KR 11 Plus Series UPS, KR-RM Series UPS has rotatable display design, which means it can be rotated for horizontal and vertical application; and the hot-swappable design makes it easier to maintain. 


With more than 30 years of R&D and manufacturing experience in the field of power electronics, Kehua ranked No.5 in world modular UPS market share 2021 (Omdia), No.7 in world UPS hardware supplier 2020 (Omdia), and received the 2021 Global UPS Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award (Frost&Sullivan). As a leader in smart power industry, Kehua is well-positioned to provide highly reliable power supply solutions for users in various industries such as finance, transportation, nuclear power, government, medical, education, new energy and data center.




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