Appeared in the Polish Photovoltaic Exhibition, Kehua Tech PV & ESS Solution Became the Focus


【From April 25 to 27, Kehua unveiled the "Greenpower Poland 2022" held at Poznan International Exhibition Center, Poland】

On the exhibition, Kehua booth became a popular gathering place, and the exhibits of various plates received extensive attention. In view of the demand and trend of the solar market, Kehua made a stunning debut with its new SPI 8~36K-B X2 series inverter and iStoragE residential ESS system, and helped users "connect" a cleaner, reliable, independent and sustainable energy future with technology.

The PV & ESS solutions displayed this time cover 3 application scenarios: residential, C&I and utility. The PV solution include SPI8-36K-B X2, SPI125K-B and SPI250K-B-H 1500V string inverter; Energy storage solutions include iStoragE series residential ESS and BCS100K-B-HM C&I ESS solutions, which have attracted the attention of many exhibitors in Poland and even surrounding countries, and once again demonstrated the hard power of Kehua power technology. 


SPI 8K~36K-B X2 series string inverter debut in Poland

The power range of this series covers residential and C&I. Its elegant appearance design makes aesthetics regardless of national boundaries. Once it appears, it attracts a lot of people to stop.

Ø  As the inverter with the high return on investment, the inverter reserves the energy storage interface function. In the face of the market with uncertain policy but increasingly obvious energy storage trend, the inverter provides a more flexible investment mode for the investment mode of PV + ESS and the ESS retrofit in the future, so as to effectively achieve flexible stage investment and maximize the ROI

Ø  2 / 3 MPPT design, the maximum efficiency can reach 98.6%, which is perfectly suitable for high efficiency PV module,PID and other functions, so that the power generation can be significantly increased by 3%;

Ø  High power density design, which can save transportation, storage and installation costs compare with other C&I string invert on the market.



iStoragE series residential ESS has become the most popular residential ESS products in this exhibition

Ø  Integrated, intelligent and investable design concept, aesthetic design of modern white goods;

Ø  Smart APP with easy operation and real time monitoring;

Ø  Built in EMS energy management system, multi-mode operation, which can maximize electricity price revenue and realizing residential energy intelligent management


Kehua has always been based on technological leadership and development. With the deep accumulation of full scene application experience and insight into technology and market development, Kehua will continue to launch products most suitable for the market, so that more people can enjoy the green and beautiful life brought by technology

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