Power Construction Corporation of China 2022 Centralized Procurement Ends Kehua Inverter All-in-One Finalist


On March 6, the publicity of the shortlist for the centralized procurement of photovoltaic inverters in 2022 of Power Construction Corporation of China ended.  With its leading technical strength, rich project cases and excellent service system, Kehua Digital Energy was shortlisted for all 3 packages of photovoltaic inverters.

It is reported that this centralized procurement inverter is the total installed capacity of Power Construction Corporation of China's 2022 self-invested construction projects and external general contracting projects, and the scale is expected to reach 7.5GW.  This tender is divided into 3 packages. The tender specifications for each package are: ≥3125kW centralized inverter, ≥175kW string inverter (≥480V), 30-150kW string inverter (380V)).

Kehua Digital Energy has 34 years of deep accumulation of power electronic technology. The inverter products cover the full power range of 3kW to 9100kW. According to the needs of the project, more efficient and reliable centralized or string solutions can be developed.  By the end of 2021, the cumulative installed capacity of Kehua Digital Energy in the world has exceeded 21GW, and there are many successful cases under severe conditions such as high altitude, high cold, high humidity, high temperature, high salt spray, desert and Gobi.

 The ≥3125kW centralized inverter that was shortlisted for Package 1 this time is one of the "fist" products of Kehua Digital Energy.  Kehua Digital Energy 1500V 3125kW centralized inverter is highly integrated, flexible configuration, supports 110% overload, does not derate at 50°C, and is not afraid of extremely cold environments below -35°C, and the system has high stability.  The solution has been successfully applied in the 260MW "Internet + Smart Energy" photovoltaic demonstration project in Zhangbei County. The project has continued to deliver high-quality and efficient green power to the Winter Olympic cities and venues for the past year.

Kehua Digital Energy's high-quality string inverter was shortlisted for Package 2 and Package 3.  The string inverter covers the power range of 3kW~350kW and different voltage levels. More suitable solutions can be selected according to household, industrial and commercial, and large-scale power stations to maximize system revenue.  Kehua Digital Energy's 1500V 350kW string inverter solution was officially released globally in June 2021. It is the string PV inverter with the largest single power in the world, and its maximum output power can be as high as 385kW.

 As a highly reliable optical storage expert, Kehua Digital Energy can insist on providing customers with nuclear-grade high-reliability solutions and high-quality pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale full life cycle services, and actively cooperate with customers and partners to jointly promote new energy development and the realization of the dual-carbon goal to create a green and beautiful future.

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