Carbon-neutral Winter Olympics with Kehua “Internet+Intelligent Power” PV Solution


With its vision of “sustainability for the future” and the principle of hosting “green, inclusive, open and clean” Games, Beijing 2022 has committed to staging carbon-neutral Games, and has implemented measures to reduce its carbon emissions. For the first time in Olympic history, 100% of the conventional electricity demand of all venues will be supplied by renewable energy.

The green electricity used in Beijing 2022 is provided by the city of Zhangjiakou, which is 300 kilometers away from Beijing and has been known for its rich supply of solar and wind power. In December 2020, the 260 MW “internet+intelligent power” PV power plants in Zhangbei (a county of Zhangjiakou) realized full-capacity grid-connection. KEHUA's solution of 1500 V outdoor central inverter was employed by the power plants, which ensured the current output stability and maximized the system benefits. The renewable electricity generated from the power plants is transmitted to Beijing, in order to satisfy the electricity needs of venues in the Beijing zone, Yanqing zone as well as Zhangjiakou winter Olympics zone. This is the first time in the history of the Olympic games that the electricity used is 100% renewable.

The “internet+intelligent power” PV demonstration project in Zhangbei has an average annual electricity production of about 1.5 billion kW, which equates to the electricity generated by burning 616,600 tons of standard coal. The annual emissions of 1.54 million tons of carbon dioxide, 46,300 tons of sulfur dioxide as well as 23,200 tons of nitric oxide are reduced. Over the past year since the grid connection, KEHUA's solution has withstood the test of extreme weather events and played a distinguished part in Zhangbei, successfully providing low-carbon and renewable energy for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.


As one of the world-leading suppliers of PV+ESS solutions, KEHUA has been devoted to the electric power conversion technology for 34 years, which allows it to accumulate rich project experience and provide multiple solutions across a variety of fields, including PV, energy storage, micro-grid, wind power and plant integration, etc. Kehua products proved to be durable in harsh environments with extremely high or low temperatures, intense humidity or high levels of salt fog. In the future, with a series of products of high quality and reliability as well as scenario solutions, KEHUA will stick to technological innovation and create values for customers in the world.

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