Amazing! Kehua Delivered Over 100 MWh ESS Projects and Near 1 GW PV Projects in December 2021 Alone


Developed power electronics technology for 34 years, Kehua has now grown into a highly reliable PV+ESS expert. In December 2021 alone, Kehua energy storage projects connected to the grid exceeded 100 MWh, and the PV projects were nearly 1 GW. With the excellent products and technical teams, Kehua has accumulated rich experience in solar inverter system solutions, energy storage system solutions for all scenarios, engineering construction, and O&M of power plants.


“We not only meet the needs of our clients, but also think more for them. Consequently, our system generates more high-quality electricity and our clients maximize their incomes,” Said Mr. Wu, head of after-sales service department of Kehua Renewable Energy. “Each Kehua employee always adheres to the customer-centered belief and works hard to solve practical problems and create higher value for clients with our carefully crafted solutions. This is the significance of our work.”



During implementing the project, Kehua can quickly respond to the problems encountered and actively solve them. Both Kehua products and Kehua service have won the trust of clients.



Kehua star product of 2021-SPI3125K-B-HUD outdoor central inverter for 1500V system played an important role in the last 1GW of 2021. In addition, it has delivered about 90,000 MWh of clean electricity for the Winter Olympic Games since a year ago.



As for the energy storage, Kehua energy storage system solution strictly follows its six safety standards, making the system economical, reliable, smart, and efficient.

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