KR33 Series 50-200kVA

3 Phase Online Transformer-free UPS (50-200kVA)

The KEHUA KR33 series 3-Phase in, 3-Phase out UPS uses advanced 3 level inverter technology and digital technology for full interconnection and has advantages such high efficiency, high power density and occupies only a small amount of floor space. It provides safe, stable, clean, and environmentally friendly power to loads and can provide safe and reliable comprehensive protection to data centers, IT server rooms, precision instruments and others.

KR33 Series 50-200kVA

Advanced Technology

● Three level inverter technology
● Fully digital interconnection technology
● High power density

Flexible Design

● Common battery bank sharing in parallel system
● Flexible battery configuration improves service ability
● High power density design with compact size, 120kW only cover 0.3825m2
● Frequency converter function (60Hz to 50Hz or 50Hz to 60Hz)
● Self-load test function without load enables onsite commission
● Easy onsite parallel modification
● Built-in battery quantity: 32-72 pcs configurable

Green Power

● High AC/AC efficiency up to 96%
● High power factor up to 1
● Low THDi ≤3%

Voltage (Vac)380/400/415(138~485 L-L)
Frequency (Hz)40~70
Bypass   Voltage (Vac)380/400/415: -20%~+15%
Power Factor≥0.99
Capacity (kVA)5080100120160200
Power Factor1
Voltage (Vac)L-N: 220/230/240±1%L-L: 380/400/415±1%
Frequency (Hz)50/60±0.1 (battery mode)
Unbalance 3-phase voltage stabilization with fullload ≤2%
WaveformPure sine wave, THD<1% at linear
Transfer   Time (ms)0
Efficiencyup to 96%
Overload105%~110%   load for 60mins; 111%~130% load for 10mins; 131%~150% load for 1min; >150%   load for   200ms
Battery Voltage (Vdc)±192(±180/±204/±216/±228/±240 settable for long backup  type)
BATT TypeExternal
Charging Current (A)102020303040
Communication InterfaceRS485,   MODBUS, dry contacts(RS232,   SNMP, expand dry contact card are optional in slot)
DisplayTouch screen+LED
AlarmAC input abnormal, low battery, overload,  failure
ProtectionOutput short-circuit, overload, over temperature, battery low voltage, output over/low    voltage
Noise (dB)<65
Working Temperature (℃)-5~40
Relative Humidity0~95%, no condensation
Dimension (W×D×H)(mm)450×840×967450×840×1400600×900×1600
Weight (kg)120210210242270300

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