SPI15~25K-B X2

Three-phase On-grid String Inverter

SPI15K~25K-B X2 Series

SPI15~25K-B X2

High Yield

● Multi-MPPT design meets the requirement of multi- orientation installation, patented MPPT algorithm increases power generation
● Maximum current up to 15A of a single string is suitable for high efficiency PV module
● Integrated PID function can effectively repair component attenuation and increase power generation


● IP66 protection, wide operating temperature, high environment adaptability
● AFCI function, eliminates fire hazards
● Key components are strictly selected to ensure reliable operation of the product over its whole lifecycle

Flexible ESS

● Equipped with ESS function interface, realized the interconnection of PV and ESS
● Flexible multi-term investment of PV and ESS project optimizes ROI of users.

Easy O&M

● Intelligent IV curve scanning achieves efficient O&M
● Intelligent WiseSolar APP+ cloud platform provides all- round visual O&M
● Remote intelligent upgrade service can reduce O&M cost

DC Input (PV)
Max. PV power   (recommend)20.25kWp22.95kWp27kWp31.05kWp33.75kWp
Max. PV input voltage1100Vdc
Rated input voltage600Vdc
Max. PV input current30A/15A30A/30A
No. of MPPTs2
No. of PV   strings per MPPT2/12/2
MPPT voltage   range180~1000Vdc
Starting voltage180Vdc
DC switchYes
AC Output (On-grid)
Rated AC output power15kW17kW20kW23kW25kW
Max. output power16.5kVA18.7kVA22kVA25.3kVA27.5kVA
Rated AC output voltage380/400/415Vac
Rated output   current21.7A24.5A28.9A33.2A36.1A
Max. output   current23.8A27.0A31.8A36.5A39.7A
Rated grid   frequency50Hz/60Hz
Grid frequency   range45~55Hz/55~65Hz
Power factor>0.99 (rated power)
Adjustable power   factor0.8   (leading)~0.8 (lagging)
THDi<3% (rated power)
Max. efficiency98.60%
European efficiency98.10%
MPPT efficiency99.90%
Function and protection
DC (PV) reversed connectionYes
AC short circuit protectionYes
Temperature   protectionYes
Surge protectionDC Type II & AC Type   III (Type II optional)
AFCI functionYes (optional)
Integrated PID functionYes (optional)
Zero-export functionYes (optional)
ESS functionYes (optional)
Dimensions (W×H×D)460*420*182mm
IP gradeIP66
Self-consumption   at night<1W
Cooling typeIntelligent forced air   cooling
Altitude4000m (>3000m derating)
Operating   temperature-35ºC~60ºC
Relative   humidity0~100%
DC terminalMC4 Terminal
AC terminalOT Terminal
Installation   methodWall-mounted
CommunicationRS485 (optional), DRM   (optional), WIFI /4G (optional), Bluetooth (optional)
ComplianceEN 62109-1/2, IEC   62109-1/2, EN IEC61000-6-1/3, IEC 62116, IEC 61727,EN 50549-1, NC RfG, VDE-AR-N 4105, CEI 0-21

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