Single-phase On-grid String Inverter



High Efficiency

■ High-efficiency inverter topology ensures annual power generation
■ Advanced control algorithms and high adaptation ability to the grid, improving the stability of power generation system

Safe and Reliable

■ IP65 for outdoor application
■ Integrated AC/DC full lightning protection
■ Aluminum alloy die-casting integrated chassis, ensure 25 years full life circle running

Intelligent Management

■ Intelligent cloud platform monitoring, realizing one-key APP real-time monitoring
■ Support RS485, GPRS, WIFI and other communication methods

Green Saving

■ Small size, easy to install and use
■ Natural cooling, ensuring low environmental noise
■ Super-wide operating temperature range, adapt to extremely cold, high temperature areas

DC   Input (PV)
Max.  PV input voltage600Vdc
Rated input voltage360Vdc
Max.  PV input current13A/13A
No. of MPPTs2
No.of PV strings per MPPT1/1
MPPT voltage range100~550Vdc
Starting voltage120Vdc
DC switchYes (optional)
AC   Output (On-grid)
Rated AC output power3.0kW3.6kW4.0kW4.6kW5.0kW6.0kW
Max. output power3.3kVA3.96kVA4.4kVA5.06kVA5.5kVA6.0kVA
Rated AC output voltage220Vac/230Vac
Grid voltage range184~276Vac
Rated output current13.0A15.7A17.4A20.0A21.7A26.0A
Max. output current14.3A17.2 A19.1A22.0 A23.9 A26.0 A
Rated grid frequency50/60Hz
Grid frequency range45~55Hz/55~65Hz
Power factor>0.99 (rated power)
Adjustable power factor0.8(leading)~0.8(lagging)
THDI<3% (rated power)
Max. efficiency98.10%98.30%
European efficiency97.70%97.90%
MPPT efficiency99.90%
Function   and protection
DC (PV) reversed connectionYes
AC short circuit protectionYes
Temperature protectionYes
Surge protectionDC Type II & AC Type II
Zero-export functionYes (optional)
Dimensions (W×H×D)360×420×125mm
IP gradeIP65
Self-consumption at night<1W
Cooling typeNatural cooling
Altitude4000m (>2000m derating)
Operating temperature-40ºC~60ºC
Operating humidity0~100%
DC (PV) terminalMC4 Terminal
AC (On-grid) terminalPlug and play connector
Installation methodWall-mounted
CommunicationRS485, DRM (optional),   WiFi(optional)/GPRS (optional)
 CertificationIEC/EN62109-1,   IEC/EN62109-2, EN61000, IEC60068, IEC62116, IEC61727,   VDE0126-1-1, CEI0-21, UTE C15-712-1, AS4777,   ENEDIS-NOI-RES_13E, RD1669 RD413, RD661, EN50438, AS/NZS4777.2, IS16221, IS16169

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