SPI7000~10000-B X2

Single-phase On-grid String Inverter 

SPI7000~10000-B X2 Series

SPI7000~10000-B X2

High Yield

● Multi-MPPT design meets the requirement of multi-orientation installation, patented MPPT algorithm increases power generation
● Maximum current up to 15A of a single string is suitable for high efficiency PV module
● Integrated PID function can effectively repair component attenuation and increase power generation


● IP66 protection, wide operating temperature , high environment adaptability
● AFCI function, eliminates fire hazards
● Key components are strictly selected to ensure reliable operation of the product over its whole lifecycle

Green saving

● Grid-connected current harmonics <3%, green adapts to grid
● Ultra wide grid voltage range

Easy O&M

● Intelligent IV curve scanning achieves efficient O&M
● Intelligent WiseSolar APP+ cloud platform provides all-round visual O&M
● Remote intelligent upgrade service can reduce O&M cost