On the Effective Value of Diversified Configuration of Kehua Myria Series UPS

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With the continuous deepening and application of cloud computing, artificial intelligence and big data technology, the information industry is setting off a new revolution. The energy sector of the data center is the first to usher in a cross-era innovation——Myria Series UPS which first globally promoted by Kehua.


From the current situation, it is expected that the marginalization and diversification trend of data center construction will become more and more obvious in the next five years. As the power guarantee core of data center, traditional UPS is difficult to adapt to such changes in the management of inventory, installation, operation and maintenance life cycle as well as the requirements of diversified application scenarios, which makes many distributors and end customers feel a headache. The reason is that due to the single configuration of traditional UPS, it is difficult to achieve "one machine with multiple capabilities" to adapt to different application scenarios and effectively reduce TCO in the sales channel.


There are increasing demands for the construction of small and micro data centers. Hotels, hospitals, financial buildings, etc., are widely used. In these application scenarios, how can Myria Series UPS achieve "one machine with multiple functions" so as to effectively reduce the operation and inventory costs of customers and distributors?   


Project Background:

Located in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, this project is the largest five-star hotel project in the region. It adopts the high-end power solution of Kehua brand and installs dozens of Myria UPS, providing efficient and safe power guarantee for different application scenarios such as data room, casino facilities, fire protection facilities, monitoring and security facilities and other building facilities.


Project requirements:

The project has diversified scene requirements, different power supply modes and load types, and the distribution requirements of the whole hotel project are more diversified and scattered in different actual environments. In view of the changeable scene, considering the factors such as efficiency, power distribution system and floor space, the hotel has to purchase different kinds of UPS to meet these needs. Therefore, the cost and difficulty are greatly increased in procurement, installation, operation and maintenance in the later period.


On the other hand, UPS distributors also feel headache for this kind of purchase demand, which also tests inventory management cost and O&M support. Therefore, both distributors and end customers hope to seek long-term and effective solutions.


In view of the problems faced by customers, Kehua recommends the use of star series product Myria Series UPS. As a new generation OF UPS, the performance of Myria series is improved comprehensively:


-High efficiency and energy saving with maximum efficiency up to 96%

-High power density and the maximum floor space is less than 0.22㎡

-Flexible adaption, compatible with single, three - phase power distribution, can be configured directly through the display of different power supply system

-Safety protection, equipping with configurable transformer and realizing electrical isolation

-Cost optimization, integrated power distribution air switch, dispense with distribution box


Myria series UPS perfectly meets the adaptation requirements of different application scenarios, and truly realizes the effect of "one machine with multiple capabilities"! Effectively solve the end customers and distributors of the operation, inventory management costs!

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