Jeans Foundry Case Study

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Industry:Jeans foundry

Location: Sri Lanka, Colombo

Commissioning: 2018.08


Sri Lanka is an island country in South Asia. Due to the moderating effects of ocean winds, the climate is tropical and warm, but the sea spray production is high. In Colombo, rainfall averages around 2,500 millimeters a year, the average relative humidity could reach 75%. The power grid in Sri Lanka isn’t in good condition neither, unstable power grid is a strike problem for the large equipment of the factory.


The high frequency of power failure and the grid fluctuation not only reduces the production efficiency, but also damages the equipment. For ensuring the smooth production, the factory has prepared some UPS before, however, the UPS broke earlier than expected because of the corrosion of humidity and salt spray.


Products: 6 sets of FR-UK3320, 2 sets of FR-UK3330

- FR-UK series are equipped with a dustproof net as standard to improve the dustproof capacity of the UPS.

- All coated PCB board can protect UPS from the corrosion of humidity and salt spray, ensure UPS adapts the environment in Sri Lanka and the reliability of UPS.

- HMI design makes UPS more easy and friendly for operation.


The new system of UPS ensures the stable power supply for the equipment of factory, reduces the losses due to power outage. The reduction of power fluctuation is also a good news for the large equipment in the factory.

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