Kehua Provided Micro-module Data Center Solution for China Telecom Nanjing Cloud Data Center

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Rapid deployment, timely and high-quality delivery is what your data center business wants? If the answer is yes, Kehua’s modular data center solution would hit it off.

A cloud data center built by a large Internet company which located in Nanjing, China, experiencing the real performance of rapid deployment by applying our modular data center solution.

It is reported that the TOTAL land area of the IDC park is about 124,000m², the total planned construction area is about 288,000m², and the total investment scale will exceed 4 billion. The design level of the computer room is T3+, which can provide customers with 12,000-15,000 data racks of five-star standard. Relying on the regional advantages of state-level Internet backbone points, it can give full play to the resource advantages of cloud data centers, create an environmental platform for the healthy and sustainable development of local cloud computing industry, and bring social and economic values.

To help to preempt the cloud computing business layout, meet the demand of fast shelves, production application core, Kehua deployed rapidly for the cloud computing center module solutions, customized 110 sets high density module data center system, and provide the electrical, HVAC and other professional data center overall solution. Kehua adopts the new modular design and BIM technology to guide the construction, realizing the over 98% power supply efficiency and providing high reliable power guarantee for the uninterrupted operation of the data center.

In only 3 months, Kehua completed the delivery of more than 1000 cabinets, electrical, HVAC preparation and on-site construction with high quality, which greatly shortened the project cycle and won unanimous approval from customers.

Kehua module data center advantages:

· High reliability standard module; system stability ensures important business continuity

· Quick delivery, overall planning and factory prefabrication to shorten the construction period

· Highly integrated design to configure different scale systems according to customer requirements

· Phased construction reduces initial investment

· Single-module PUE is less than 1.5

· Easy to expand and quickly respond to changes in business requirements

· Intelligent operation and fine operation and maintenance

Relying on more than 10 years of experience in data center planning, construction, and operation services, Kehua has deployed modular data centers for many leading operators in the world, and has been widely trusted and recognized.

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