200MW Grid-connected PV Power Generation Project of Yulin Longyuan, China

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Project Introduction:

This Project is located in Xiaohaotu Township, Yuyang District, Yulin City, Shanxi Province, which belongs to the wind-sand grass shoal area, with the extremely low temperatures of -30° C and the highest temperature of 40° C, covering an area of about 4.3 km².



KEHUA provides a 1MW concentrated all-in-one inverter booster with protection grade of IP54, suitable for high temperature, windy, sandy and other complex areas, as the solution. This solution not only considers the high temperature resistant capacity of the equipment from the core component type selection to structural heat dissipation design, but also considers the layer-by-layer integrated design + special wind-resistant sand structure design, effectively guaranteeing that the equipment operates stably in the whole life cycle in the high temperature and sandy environment.


Significance & Value:

This Project makes full use of the abundant local solar energy resources, improves the local ecological environment, and lays a foundation for discussing the PV industry and energy ecology.

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