PV+ESS for the Future

SPI Series

SPI Series


•  IP65 for outdoor application

•  2 independent MPPT, more generation

•  Ultra wide grid voltage range

•  Support RS485, Wifi, GPRS communication

•  Integrated AC/DC full lightning protection

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SPI250K-B-H Series

SPI250K-B-H Series


•  9~12 MPPTs design, compatible with bifacial PV panel

•  Advanced three-level technology max. efficiency 98.8%

•  P66 and C5 anti-corrosion grade

•  Night SVG and quick response

•  Anti-PID and PID recovery function

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SPI-B-HUD Series

SPI-B-HUD Series


•  3-level technopology, max. efficiency up to 99.02%

•  Anti-PID function to ensure power generation

•  P65 protection, C5 anti-corrosion grade

•  Modular and compact product design

•  Intelligent online upgrade function for easy management

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