WiseCabinet mini data center

WiseCabinet mini data center

In order to meet the demands of cutting edge data centers for "low delay, high bandwidth, localization and real-time computing", Kehua has launched the WiseMDC series "Wise-S" modular data center. The modular design integrates power supply and distribution, refrig-eration, cabinet, fire-fighting and monitoring systems to save cabinet space allowing the installation of servers, KVMs, routers, switches and other IT equipment inside cabinets. Additionally, equipment can be flexibly expanded and configured according to application de-mands.

WiseCabinet mini data center

Reliable Performance

» Supports either N+1 or 2N architecture to ensure the safety and security of the power supply
» Provides sophisticated high-frequency rack-mounted UPS


» Modularly designed equipment in a functional cabinet
» The PUE value is as low as 1.5

Intelligent O&M

» A touch LCD, intuitively and clearly displays all parameters, states, records and alarms
» Access the system remotely to check the running status anytime and anywhere by using a mobile APP

Green and Energy-Saving

» The comprehensive energy consumption can be reduced by more than 30%
» Various air conditioning air supply modes

ItemsWise Cabinet Mini Data Center Solution
Cabinet quantity1
Door lockMechanical locks/Combination lock (optional)
Dimension (mm) (W*D*H)600 x 1000 x 2000
Power distribution system
Mains input1* mains supply, 1* diesel engine, Class C lightning protection
UPS capacity3kVA/6kVA (optional)
Battery deployment modeInternal battery cabinet + battery breaker (50A/2P)
Main input distributionMains 50A/1P*1 + diesel engine 50A/1P*1, Mains and diesel engine support mechanical interlock
UPS distributionInput 50A/1P*1, maintenance bypass 50A/2P*1, output 32A/1P*1
IT power distribution branch32A/1P*1+16A/1P*3
Mains distribution branch32A/1P*1+16A/1P*3
Power distribution monitorconfigurationSupports mains power distribution monitor
Power module height3U
PDUInput 32A, PDU socket type for different region
Monitor system
Access methodSupports remote WEB access
Local interface10inches touch screen
Environment monitorTemperature and humidity, smoke, water leakage
AlarmSMS alarms, audible and visual alarms,   email alarms
Optional1U sealing plate, cable tray, laminate, guide rail, battery   monitoring unit, SMS module

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