50MW Fishery PV Project of Guangzhou Development Group Incorporated in Taishan, China

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Project Introduction:

This Project makes full use of the beach space in Taishan City, Guangdong Province to build an "Integrated Fishery PV" base.


KEHUA provides a generation 5.0 630kW central inverter for this Project as a solution. In terms of structure, this equipment not only has optimized size, covering an area of only 0.6, and it takes the lead in the industry for its watt density. Meanwhile, the equipment adopts the advanced three-level topology technology, with a maximum conversion efficiency of >99%, effectively ensuring the high generating capacity of the PV power plant. In addition, the equipment is provided with intelligent fault wave recording and remote online upgrade function, which can be used for fault analysis quickly and facilitating the system upgrade and maintenance.

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