20MW Concentrated PV Poverty Alleviation Power Plant Project in Sichuan Province, China

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Project Introduction:
20MW Concentrated PV Poverty Alleviation Power Plant Project in Ruoxian, Hongyuan, Ngawa is the first centralized PV poverty alleviation project in Sichuan province, and is located in the eastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, with an average elevation of 3560 meters and bad environment.

In order to ensure the stable operation of power plant and generating capacity under extreme environment, centralized container solution with IP54 high protection grade to adapt to the complex environment, such as high altitude, extreme cold is adopted as well as advanced MPPT control technology with the highest conversion efficiency of over 99% is adopted.


Significance & Value:
The project has annual generating capacity of 26.24 million kWh, and all the proceeds will be used to benefit 2,436 poor people in Hongyuan county, promote the economic and social development of Tibetan areas, and protect green hills and clear waters in Tibet.

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