KEHUA Strives to Achieve the Goal of New Energy Storage Development, Thus Contributing to Carbon Neutrality

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Recently, the National Energy Administration of China issued a major document concerning the energy storage field in 2022, giving the prospects and objectives of new energy storage development. Relying on the abundant accumulation and rich experience in the energy storage industry, KEHUA will continue its contribution to building a new power system, thus promoting the energy revolution and achieving carbon neutrality.

The document is thrilling as it provides tremendous space for innovations in the peak regulation of new energy + energy storage, the tariff of energy storage capacity on the transmission and distribution sides, the time-of-use power price of user-side storage and the demand-side response, as well as the shared energy storage and aggregated energy storage.

In terms of the development path and application of new energy storage, KEHUA believes that the Implementation Plan is emphasizing diversified technical routes and application scenarios.

On one hand, the Implementation Plan stresses in particular that instead of relying on the limited technical route of lithium-ion batteries, the development of new energy storage should make full use of various techniques of energy storage to achieve overall and balanced growth of this industry. On the other hand, the new energy storage technologies shall serve the new power systems mainly running on new energy, addressing the problems of randomness, fluctuation, and intermittence caused by the grid connection of large-scale renewable energy under the general strategy of carbon neutralization and peak carbon dioxide emissions, and catering to the potential demand for large-scale, safe, controllable and superior long-term energy storage in the future.

Viewing the expressions on development strategies for various application scenarios, the supporting energy storage on the supply side, especially for the major power source of new power systems relying on new energies such as wind energy and optical energy, is still the dominating drive to promote the development of energy storage. The grid-side energy storage mainly focuses on ensuring the construction of new power systems by satisfying the demands for investment in grid sections, grid postponing/alternatives. The user-side energy storage has huge potential. The flexibility transformation of distributed PV generation (whole-county PV power generation) projects and major load and power consumers (such as data centers and 5G base stations) lays the foundation for the increment of the energy storage market.

KEHUA has solutions and successful practices for all application scenarios. For supply-side applications, KEHUA's 1 MW/1 MWh AC/DC hybrid energy storage project in Tongchuan/Changzhi PV Top-runner Bases is the first solution to such projects in China. Guangdong Yangxi Thermal Power Plant 26 MW/13 MWh Energy Storage and Frequency Modulation Project is also of great demonstration significance for building strong power grids in coastal areas with high temperature, high humidity, and high salt fog environment.

In terms of energy storage on grid side, KEHUA has built China's first project to realize the black start of 9E units by the energy storage system, i.e. Shenzhen Nanshan Power Plant Energy Storage 9E Black Start Project, the first 100 MW distributed energy storage demonstration project on the grid side of State Grid, i.e., State Grid (Henan) 100 MW/100 MWh Grid-side Distributed Energy Storage Demonstration Project, and State Grid (Hunan) 60 MW/120 MWh Grid-side Energy Storage Demonstration Project, etc.
As to user-side application, Jiangsu Taizhou 10 MW/54.2 MWh User-side Energy Storage Project was the largest user side energy storage project in China at that time, and the 1MW/4MWh Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Energy Storage Project of Formosa Plastics Group introduced the first large-scale user-side energy storage system in Taiwan. In addition, KEHUA also provides users from more than 100 countries and regions overseas with household PV energy storage system solutions, creating numbers of zero-carbon-emission households.

KEHUA has always been at the forefront in developing diversified new energy storage applications. Chongli Large-scale Demonstration Project of Key Technology and Application of Wind-PV-Storage Complementary Hydrogen Production of Hebei Construction & Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd., which relies on KEHUA's energy storage solution, provides a safe and reliable electricity guarantee for hydrogen supply to more than 600 hydrogen fuel vehicles in Zhangjiakou Competition Area of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Looking back on the past, KEHUA never stops its exploration for diversified energy storage technologies and practices of application in multiple scenarios. Looking forward to the future, KEHUA will continue its innovation to accelerate the industrialization of energy storage, build up new power systems, and embrace the coming of the carbon-neutral era!

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