Kehua Assures Data Security for the Winter Olympic Games 2022

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The Olympic flame now illuminates the National Stadium where the Opening Ceremony of Beijing 2022 was held in the evening of the same day as the first of China's 24 solar terms, the Beginning of Spring on February 4. Tiny flame in Olympic history illuminates a shared, green future for mankind

The Bird's Nest Work Safety Coordination and Command Center serves as a significant foundation and guarantee for the success of the Olympic Games. Stepping into the Bird's Nest, people will find camera probes installed in every important area. The probes are connected to the command center to automatically diagnose and raise the alarm in case of potential safety hazards and faults in real-time. In addition, the command center also carries out dynamic intelligent fault diagnosis, monitoring, and early warning of the equipment in the stadium to improve the safety and controllability of operation and maintenance. The massive data behind is vital for Olympic security.

The security system of this Winter Olympic Games adopts Kehua's modular data center solution. It is based on energy efficiency management technology, energy-saving technology for combined cooling, intelligent operation, maintenance, and management technology. As a result, these technologies significantly reduce the energy consumption of the refrigeration system and the loss of power supply and distribution system, and real-time intelligent automatic optimization can be achieved. Finally, energy conservation and emission reduction are realized, and the operation and maintenance cost of the data center is reduced. Green and intelligent security has become a reality.


Kehua has been committed to meeting the environmental needs of the basic support for security information in venues for the Winter Olympics. It serves as a protector for the Olympic events and an intelligent, green, and safe digital base for the Winter Olympic Games.

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