Kehua's inverter production capacity expands to empower the construction of 2022 Winter Olympics

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Recently, the commencement ceremony of Zhangbei Kesheng New Energy Co., Ltd. (Zhangbei factory) under Kehua Data Co., Ltd. (Kehua) was successfully held in Zhangjiakou City. The city is about 190km away from Beijing and is one of the competition areas of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. It has four competition venues, as well as five non-competition venues such as the Winter Olympic Village, Press Center etc.


Kehua Zhangbei factory is one of the nine key projects in Zhangbei County, Zhangjiakou City in the autumn of 2021. The factory will be equipped with solar inverter and energy storage converter production lines. Phase 1 planned capacity is 3GW.


In Zhangbei County's Winter Olympics supporting project -  "Internet +" Smart Energy PV Project, Kehua products and solutions have outstanding performance, continuously delivering green power for the Winter Olympics.


Relying on excellent supply chain management and national top notch R&D capabilities, Kehua provides customers with advanced solar inverters, energy storage converter products and high-quality integrated energy services. After putting into operation, Kehua Zhangbei factory will vigorously promote the construction of Renewable Energy Demonstration Zone and the infrastructure of Winter Olympics in Zhangjiakou, achieve carbon emission reductions, and contribute to the new energy development in the city.

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