Phase I of Huadian PV Power Plant Project in Qiaodong Town, Zhao'an County, China

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Project Introduction:
Phase I of Huadian PV Power Plant 10MW Project in Qiaodong Town, Zhao'an County is located in Qiaodong Town, Zhao'an County which is featuredby rugged mountains and is the demonstration to the agriculture - PV power plant project in Zhao’an County.

Aiming at different directions of modules caused by rugged mountains, "decentralized tracking, centralized interconnection" central-distributed inverter solutions are adopted, in which decentralized tracking function of every 4-string PV module corresponding to 1-channel MPPT, greatly reducing efficiency loss caused by inconsistent module parameters, partial shading and elevation differences, increasing the generating capacity of the system by 2%~5% and maximizing the PV application generating efficiency in rugged mountains.

Significance & Value:
The project after full production, annual output of 1044.8 kWh, visible, and distributing type inverter with both groups of string type inverter multiplex MPPT tracking and improve the advantages of power generation, and have the advantage of high large inverter power quality, is a kind of canimprove power plan, ensure the quality of electric energy.

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