S3 Lithium-ion Battery System

“Carbon Peaking • Carbon Neutrality” has become a global priority for all countries and industries, and the concept of green energy saving has also been widely recognized by the people. By following the nuclear-grade safety design concept and leveraging its over 30 years of professional experience in the power field, Kehua deeply applied power electronics to the lithium-ion battery technology and released lithium-ion battery solution with high safety and reliability - Kehua S3 Smart Backup Lithium-ion Battery System Solution (Safety-Li, Smart-Li, Simple-Li).

S<sup>3</sup>   Lithium-ion Battery System


● Electrical and physical double isolation
-Reduces the fault scope to an effective space without diffusion
-Port zero voltage, no risk of short circuit shock
● Modular fire protection
-Modular fire protection, Can quickly, accurately and effectively detect and extinguish thefire source will extinguish the fire in the initial stage
● Failure module exit automatically
-Modular parallel design, failure module exit automatically, will not affect the system. Other modules can work normally. Improve the reliability


● Module design, plug and play
-5mins maintenance, reduce the OPEX cost
● Flexible for expansion
-Module design, can expand the capacity of modules or cabinets.
-Reduce the CAPEX cost
● Smart battery test
-Parallel design, the battery can test the capacity Separately. No need to cut off the power supply, improve the reliability


● Intelligent current equalization
-Can be used with new and old batteries
-Can be used with lithium-ion batteries from different suppliers
● Intelligent voltage equalization
-Intelligent voltage equalization module, no barrel effect
-Prolong the backup time, improve battery utilization
● Fault recording, early warning
-Fault recording, early warning, accurate and quick fault location, reduce the OPEX cost
● Adaptive SOC management
-Intelligent charge and discharge management, avoid over charge and over discharge
-Detects the battery internal temperature. Improve the safety and reduce the OPEX cost

Battery Cell40Ah100Ah
Dimensions (mm)27.0×148.5×133.050.5×160.3×120.0
Weight (kG)1.01±0.11.95±0.1
Rated capacity (Ah)40100
Discharge rate (C)61
Charge rate (C)1
Rated voltage (V)3.2
Battery PackS3M040-6C-240-XS3M100-1C-240-X
Battery rated voltage (V)57.6
Battery capacity (Ah)40100
Max. energy (kWh)2.35.7
DC/DC rated output voltage (V)240*2   (In series or parallel)
 DC/DC rated output power (kW) 10 5
Dimensions (W*D*H) (mm)223×665×153440×665×132
Weight (kG)3650
Battery CabinetS3C040-6C-20-MXS3C100-1C-12-MX
Battery max energy (kWh)4669
Rated output voltage (V)240/±240/480
System rated output power (kW)20060
Number of battery modules2012
SOC accuracy≥95%
CommunicationRS485, CAN, TCP / IP, and dry contact
Working temperature (°C)0~40 (+15~+30 recommended)
Altitude (m)0~4000m, above 2000m derate
Dimensions (W*D*H) (mm)600×860×2000
Weight (kG)900900
Maximum   number of paralleled cabinets 8
OptionalTouch screen, Distribution   cabinet, Fire edge cabinet, IT rear frame
Self-discharge rate≤3% (0-30°C/month)

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