MR33 Series 600-1200kVA

KEHUA@MR series 3-in 3-out UPS, adopts advanced 3-level inverter technology and reliable redundancy design from components to the whole machine. It has the advantages of high efficiency, high power density, easy expansion, capacity expansion as required and small occupied area, and provides reliable, stable and pure green power for loads.

MR33 Series 600-1200kVA

Green Saving

● The latest IGBT rectification technology is adopted to realize ultra- low input current harmonics, which eliminates the pollution to the power grid, reduces the cost of power factor compensation and harmonic control, and reduces the cable loss. It protects both the load and the power grid.
● The input power factor is greater than 0.99, which improves the utilization rate of electric energy, reduces the distribution loss at the front end of UPS and reduces the input cost of customers.

High Efficiency

● The efficiency of the whole machine is as high as 97%, which greatly saves energy consumption (UPS heat consumption and air conditioning energy consumption) and reduces operating costs.
● The output power factor is 1.0 by default, with the same equipment input cost, greater active output and higher cost performance, which meets the requirements of different application scenarios for high output power factor.
● When the quality of mains supply is high, the ECO mode can be used to supply power to the load, the efficiency of the whole machine is as high as 99%, and the energy saving benefit is remarkable

User-friendly Interface

● Innovative application of data intelligent acquisition technology enables check of all product data in the parallel system on the control panel of any product.
● Large-size color touch screen design and humanized operation
● Double key combination of on and off, double protection of soft and hard
● EPO button with protective cover for emergency shut-off, misoperation prevention design, safety double upgrade
● Man-machine interface is friendly, close to customers' habits, and the software is rich in functions, which is convenient for users to read information and operate.
● Support asset management of vulnerable devices and spare parts

100kW System Capacity (kVA/kW)100~400100-500100-600100-800100-1000100-1200/
125kWSystem Capacity (kVA/kW)/125-500125-600125-800125-1000/125-1250
Voltage Range (Vac)138~485 (324~485 no derating, 138~323 linear derating)
Frequency Range (Hz)40~70
Power Factor>0.99
Phase3Ph+N+PE/3Ph+PE (optional)
Bypass synchronization tracking range (Hz)50/60±4
Bypass input voltage range (Vac)304~438
Battery Voltage(VDC)±180~±300
Power Factor1.0
Voltage (Vac)380/400/415±1%
Frequency (Hz)50/60±0.1%
THDvTHD<1% (linear load),   THD<3% (nonlinear load)
Max. Efficiency97%
Overload Capacity106-110%   load   for 60 minutes, 111%-125% load for   10 minutes,126%-150% load for 1minute, 151%~200% load change to bypass immediately
Static Bypass Transfer Time0
Cool StartYes
Battery TypeLead-acid batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries
Battery pack sharing functionYes
Communication InterfaceRS232, RS485, Dry contact,   MODBUS, SNMP (optional)
AlarmInput abnormal, battery low-voltage, output overload, UPS failure
ProtectionShort-circuit, overload, over-temperature, battery under voltage, input under voltage
Noise (dB)<70
Operating   Temperature (ºC)0-40
Relative Humidity0~95%, no condensation
Routing modeUpper and lower incoming linesUpper incoming line
Dimension (W×D×H)(mm)1200*1000*20001400*1000*20001800*1000*2000



Bypass   Module32506080
100kW Module55
125kW Module60

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