MR33 Series 50-600kVA

The Kehua MR33 series modularized 3-Phase in, 3-Phase out UPS utilizes advanced 3 level inverter technology, a more reliable redundancy design from the entire system down to the components, and digital technology interconnection. It has the advantages of high efficiency, high power density, easy scaling, scaling on demand, and occupies only a small amount of floor area and provides safe, reliable, and clear environmentally friendly power to loads.

MR33 Series 50-600kVA

Advanced Technology

● Online double conversion
● Battery cold start function
● Advanced power module sleep mode
● Dual system control card
● Self-load test function
● Redundant design

Excellent Flexibility

● Allow 100% three phase unbalance load
● Intelligent battery management
● Parallel expansion up to 8 units
● Fault Trace Management (FTM)
● Programmable dry contacts

Green Power

● Efficiency up to 96%
● Intelligent fan speed control
● ECO mode and EPO function

Power ModuleMR3330-JMR3350-JMR3380-J
Rated   Voltage (Vac)380/400/415
Voltage Range (Vac)L:L 138~485
Input   Frequency (Hz)40~70
Bypass Voltage Range (Vac)-15% (-20%/-30% optional) ~+15%(+10% /+20% optional)
Power Factor≥0.99
THDi<5% (nolinear, full load)<1.5%
Battery Voltage (Vdc)±192   (±180~±276 settable)±240   (±180~±276 settable)
Charging   Current (A)N×10 Maximum (N: the number of power modules)N×30Maximum
Capacity (kVA)125200300400500600800
Power Factor1
Waveformsine wave
Voltage (Vac)L-L:380, 400, 415±1%
Frequency (Hz)50/60± 0.2% (battery mode)
Three Phase Difference≤1 degrees
THDv≤1%   (linear load, full load), ≤4% (nolinear load, full load)
Static Bypass   Transfer Time0
Max. System Efficiency97%
Parallel ModeAdvanced   no-master-slave parallel technology,   N+1  redundancy

  Overload Capacity

106-110% load for 60mins, 111%-130% load for 10mins, 131%-150% load   for 1 min, 151%-200% load for 200ms106-110%   load for 60mins,111%-125% load for 10mins,126%-150% loadfor   1 min,>150% 200ms
ApprovalsCE   (EN62040-2, IEC62040-1)
Operating   Temperature (℃)-5~40
Storage Temperature (℃)-40~70
Relative Humidity0%~95%, no condensing
Communication FunctionRS485,   RS232, dry contact (SNMP optional)
Noise (dB)< 65< 70
Power Module (kVA)305080
Power   Module Dimension(W×D×H) mm500x700x130
Dimension (W×D×H) (mm)600×860×2000600×860×20001200×860×20001400×860×2000

 Weight (kg)

Bypass Module20232727313160
Power Module323341

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